1923 Rudolph Valentino in Atlanta GA


The year was 1923, and Rudolph Valentino was at the Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia doing a press conference for his latest movie. A writer named Margaret Mitchell representing a local newspaper titled “The Atlanta Journal” would get the opportunity to interview silent actor, Rudolph Valentino.  Margaret Mitchell interviews Rudolph Valentino on a side balcony off of the main dining room at the Georgian Terrace Hotel.  Margaret Mitchell declared later when she was interviewed she was less thrilled by his looks than his “chief charm”, his “low, husky voice with a soft, sibilant accent”, she described his face as swarthy, so brown that his white teeth flashed in startling contrast to his skin; his eyes—tired, bored, but courteous. Margaret Mitchell was quite thrilled when Valentino took her in his arms and carried her inside from the rooftop of the Georgian Terrace Hotel. The article that Rudolph Valentino interviewed for appeared in the Atlantic Journal’s Sunday Edition on July 1, 1923, titled “Valentino Declares He Isn’t a Sheik”..

Now lets look at the Georgian Terrace Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. Originally built-in 1879, this building underwent new ownership and was rebuilt at a staggering cost of $500,000 in 1911. There is a book written about this hotel where the author describes the hotel as one-story Palladian windows, wrap around terraces with columns, elliptical staircases and crystal chandeliers attracted scores of well-heeled and socially prominent patrons in the months that followed, prompting the press to label it Atlanta’s “Paris Hotel”. On opening day, over 5,000 people visited the hotel and were serenaded by an orchestra that came over from Spain as uniformed staff hovered quietly about. In 1913, New York tenor, Enrico Caruso who was Rudolph Valentino’s favorite composer and friend came to Atlanta for a two-week run with other cast members of the Metropolitan Opera. While there he made the hotel his home. He grew so fond of the hotel that he would return on a regular basis throughout his life.


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