Surviving in NY – Rudolph Valentino

Hunger and loneliness nights without a roof over my head, shame and remorse-these comprised the cross of my humiliation. My false pride was ground mercilessly to bits then utterly pulverized. I was kicked out of one lodging after another changing rooms four or five times in the course of two months. Sometimes my clothing in lieu of payment. Sometimes I pawned things. One hot day I walked five miles to city hall looking for work and turn down then walked five miles back to my room. My last room was a cubby hole cost me two dollars a week. I went to the Mills Hotel and got a room for 12 cents for one night only. The next night I slept in Central Park. I looked for work everyday. Usually I did not get it, sometimes I made 50 cents by shining the brass on cars, or by doing anything that anyone would allow me to do. I was above no work.

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