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10 Jul 1935 – From Tasmania Not forgotten

Although he has been dead for nearly nine years, the glamour of Rudolph Valentino, the film star, still persists.Through the Valentino Association, which is composed mostly of women “fans” all over the world, his birthday is punctiliously observed. This year, it fell on Jubilee Day and in remembrance of those days when Valentino was himself a “down-and-out” the association, through the Good Companions and Centre at Goldington Street near Mornington Crescent founded a bed which will always be available for a homeless man, states “the people”. The Valentino Association has already founded a roof garden and a children’s ward at the Italian Hospital, London in memory of the dead film star, as well as re-equipped a children’s ward at St George Hospital. Valentino, son of a Italian Calvary officer, found himself in New York penniless. Faced with starvation because, not being a naturalized citizen, he could get no work, he walked the streets of the city for three days and three nights without a bite of food. This was his comment: “I’ve reached the city centre by the crooked path o hell; starvation’s been my mentor and has taught her lesson well.” A few years later his success as a screen lover of the “silent” films had brought glamour and romance to millions of women all over the world. A Berlin firm, receiving an order to construct a broadcasting station in Bulgaria, has found it expedient to take payment in Bulgarian tobacco and also that Palestine, needing to sell innumerable Taffa oranges, has exchanged about 100,000 cases of oranges for 70,000 tons of coal front South Wales.
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2 De 1026 – Publicity Buzzards

And now they are hearing from the ghosts of Harry Houdini and Rudolph Valentino! The world and his wife tried to get a reflected publicity by herding around Valentino’s bier while he was still above ground. Now they won’t let him or Houdini rest in peace but must

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1 Dec 1926 – Voice from Beyond Fake

Dr. Crandon well known spiritualist says spirit messages from Houdini the magician and Valentino the actor are fakes. “A person must be dead four or five years before he can communicate with us. We learn this from spirits with whom we have been in touch”.  Physicists wonder where those spirits are when they talk. It they are on one of the distant stars, light with travels 186,000 miles a second would take a million years to get here; and sound, as we know travels more slowly than light, 331 meters a second against 186.000 miles a second. If Houdini and Valentino, on some distant star, began talking loud enough for their voices to reach us, their words wouldn’t reach the earth in time to be heard by our descendants 500,000,000 years from now.

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