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17 Dec 1926 – Will not Auction Rudolph Clothes off

The lavish wardrobe of Rudolph Valentino will not go on the auction block with the remainder of his personal effects now being sold here. George Ullman executor of the film star’s estate, ruled Thursday. The announcement was made as Ullman opened Valentinos trunks preparatory to placing their contents on sale. “I can’t do it,” he said. “Those clothes nearly talked to me. Rather than let anyone else have them, I’ll buy them myself if necessary.” Mrs Teresa Werner an aunt of Natacha Rambova, divorced wife of Rudolph Valentino and a share holder in the estate, with the actor’s brother and sister, was among the purchasers at today’s auction. She paid $70.00 for two sterling silver picture frames. Adolphe Menjou and Ernest Torrance, screen actors were also successful bidders, Menjou paying $56.00 for a small brass incense burner and Torrance $170 for an antique painting on a wooden panel.

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