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1923 Potential Legal Problems for Valentino and New Bride?

A telegram received by Rudolph Valentino yesterday, informing him that an Assistant Attorney General of Indiana informally had expressed the belief that the marriage license obtained in Lake County by Valentino and Winifred Hudnut was illegal. A staff representative from the local newspaper succeeded last night in interviewing the couple, after a number of other newspaper men had been shooed away from Valentino’s private car that he is utilizing for traveling across country for the Mineralava Tour. We got the news by telegram on the train from Houston to New Orleans, the newspaper quoted Valentino as saying. “At first I thought it so idiotic a that I was going to ignore it but I’ve been getting angrier and angrier as I have thought more of it. They’d better watch out! They’re getting roar the dangerous mark in this persecution of my wife and me.” Valentino said he had placed the matter in the hands of his personal attorney, Arthur Butler Graham, of New York, in a long message sent before reaching New Orleans. ’They don’t want to think they can take a Charlie Chaplin or a Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks show out of Valentino exclaimed wrathfully. After going into details the obtaining of the license, Valentino declared one assistant district attorney and a lawyer told him the Indiana marriage was legal. Hey they ought to know their business, oughtn’t they?” he continued. “What are we going to do about it? Nothing. We are legally married. Some notoriety seeking fool bobbing up and saying were not legally married doesn’t make any difference according to the Lake County judges.

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Natacha Rambova in 1944..

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Dec 1925 – Natacha’s latest Endeavors

The Tec-Art is running two studios right in the heart of New York City. One on West 44th Street and the other on East 48th. Both out and out rental propositions, and the latest picture of note to be made in them was the Mrs. Rudolph Valentino Production for F.B.O.

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Aug 1926 Society’s Problems

It seems odd that a modern young woman like Natacha Rambova or as the parentheses have it Mrs. Rudolph Valentino, should have chosen a Laura Jean Libby plot for her debut on the screen. The story is aged. It is about a young wife who helps her husband to succeed, only to find that he has grown away from her. And then, of course, she wins him back. Called “When Love Grows Cold” this is the poorest picture of the month or of almost any month for That matter. The interiors are bad, the costumes atrocious. Miss Rambova is not well-dressed nor does she film well, in the slightest degree. Is this worth spending hard earned money watching? The answer is no.

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