1922-1924 6776 Wedgewood Place, Whitley Heights


In 1918, Hobart Johnstone Whitley,  known as the Father of Hollywood,  designed a well-known area located near Beverly Hills called Whitley Heights. Whitley Heights during the  golden age of Hollywood was known as prime location where it had the best views with houses done in an Italian style and considered as THE place for film stars to live, party and have privacy. In 1922, it was in this very area, that Rudolph Valentino and his bride Natacha Rambova lived at 6776 Wedgewood Place as well as other famous silent film stars such as Barbara LaMarr, 6672 Whitley Terrace; Maurice Chevalier, Caroline Lombard, Jean Harlow, Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, Francis X. Bushman and many more.  Rudolph Valentino’s home featured a one-car garage, courtyard, small living area in the entryway, and 2 bedrooms with baths. The lower level featured the main living room, dining room, kitchen, and servant’s quarters.  Rudy loved walking in his neighborhood while wearing riding gear and walking his dogs. However, the women of the neighborhood always made sure to conveniently be outside while he walked by waving hello. In the 1920’s this area was party central. His next door neighbors were Walter and Margret Teague. Their daughter Frances for a time was a famous silent film star who thought that their very famous neighbor was nice. An interesting mention was bus tours of movie stars homes would often ride through Whitley Heights would find a man dressed in old work clothes while working in a fancy car parked in front of the house. Naturally fans would wave to the man never thinking that they were waving to the famous star. In 1924, Rudolph Valentino purchased Falcon Lair, a Mediterranean styled Home off Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills. Rudy still owned his Whitley Heights home at the time of his death.
Rudolph Valentino’s first home was also known as Villa Valentino. The home has since been torn down to make way for progress. There are a lot of great pictures and more information about Rudolph Valentino’s first home that exists on the Internet.


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