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10 Sep 1924 – Valentino on Vacation

Rudolph Valentino will come to make his own pictures. In the meantime, a copy of the first cut print of “A Sainted Devil” made for Paramount, will be forwarded to Rudolph Valentino at Juan Les Pins, Antibes, France.  Mr. Valentino sailed the day following completion of his work in the production at the Paramount Long Island Studio, has not seen the completed picture which was filmed under the direction of Joseph Henabery.  The picture is now being cut and edited under the supervision of director and E. Lloyd Sheldon a supervising editor, and when the work is finished at the end of week, a print of the completed film will be forwarded to France where the star is spending a short vacation.

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21 Aug 1925 – Mash Notes to Sheik Cause Wife to Leave

This author is not buying the excuse, Mrs. Rudolph Valentino is giving the press these days. “I won’t sit waiting for a husband who goes on lot at 5:00 a.m. and gets home at midnight and gets mails from girls in Oshkosh and Kalamazoo” and trying to look disappointed, reproachful and hurt while giving a press statement. Seems Mrs. Valentino is not good at fibbing and confessed the marital vacation is in reality a separation.  George Ullman, Mrs. Valentino’s personal representative was with her today in charge of negotiations. He is not, her lawyer, and she could not conveniently remember her lawyers address. Ullman admitted he was open to the charge of alienating Mrs. Valentino’s artistic affections.

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21 Feb 1953 – Rudy’s Manager Died

RV Agent 21Feb53.PNG

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1927 – The Truth on Valentino Insurance Policy at the time of his death

The late movie star and originator of the screen “Sheik” Rudolph Valentino was insured with the Missouri State Life for $200,000.00 by his producing company, Feature Production Incorporated.  It is the belief this represents the entire amount of insurance carried on his life for the benefit of his movie producers.  The report which gained circulation at the time of Valentino’s death that he carried $1,000,000 of insurance was erroneous.  Valentino’s application dated 9 May 1925, was written by our Los Angeles branch. In signing his application he used his full name of Rudolph Valentino Gugliemi. Valentino was 31 years of age at the time of his death on 26 Aug 1926, 1210 p.m. The company’s check for $200,000.00 was made out to Feature Productions, Inc

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15 Oct 1934 – Royalties Still Paid on Films of Valentino

 Heirs of Rudolph Valentino are still collecting royalties from his pictures more than eight years after his death it was revealed in court today. Two of the late actors greatest films “Son of the Sheik” and “The Eagle” are still shown in theatres throughout the world, the administrator of his estate informed Probate Judge Walton Wood. The court was asked to approve a compromise settlement of $6,093.75 with Art Cinema corporation as royalties due to the estate. The court concurred.


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