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28 Mar 1985 – Her Memories Are of a Glittering Past

Some women would envy Ann Carlin Carey. She waltzed with “the great lover” as she toured the eastern United States as a singer and dancer.  Carey glided across many floors and concert halls with Rudolph Valentino who has been called the greatest romantic male star of the silent film era. After she was crowned Miss Buffalo at 21 she was one of 12 women chosen to accompany Valentino’s singing and dancing act.  “He was a good dancer” said Carey. Everywhere he went Valentino was idolized.  The women loved him and the men hated him but I never thought much about his popularity.

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15 Jul 1938 – Beulah Livingstone

According to Beulah Livingstone, who writes publicity for a company sponsoring the revival of “Son of the Sheik” the name of Rudolph Valentino will remain a magic one as long as romance flourishes on the movie screen. “It was the late Valentino”, declares Miss Livingstone “who set the hears of the nation thumping wildly with his forthright technique of love-making, and his rugged he-man characterizations set another precedent in screen acting.  Those who remember and love him for his screen contributions, as well as the newer generation who have never had the opportunity to see the great idol of filmdom, will be happy to learn that his last and greatest picture has been booked for local presentation. We have known Beulah Livingstone since back in the good old silent days, when we were young and innocent and the brain-storms that flowed so profusely from her sturdy typewriter were eagerly accepted and passed on without blue penciling to our readers. But a lot of water has shot over the Chaudière since “Son of the Sheik” was produced and released to a clamoring public, and we confess that Beulah’s effusive if well-turned, phrases anent the current revival of Rudolph Valentino productions from the dimly-passed silent days leaves us as cold as one early morning last winter when the radiator on the old bus froze stiff and we bravely ventured forth to walk the two miles to our office. For the information of those who might be interested, and just to keep the record clear, we might add that the rejuvenated “Son of the Sheik” contains sound effects and a newly arranged musical score. Acting, directing, technical effects, and camera work have come a long way, however, from the days when every other girl of teen-age sent in a quarter for her idol’s photograph and mounted it on the boudoir table.

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27 Jul 1949

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5 Oct 1926

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09 Sep 1926 – Picture of Rudy Stolen

In Huntington Park thieves during the night made away with several large photographs of the late Rudolph Valentino which had been placed in one of the large photograph frames in the local theater, according to the manager of the theater.
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22 May 1925


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