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“I regret not having played in stock.  I would have received a fine training there. I am sure”….Rudolph Valentino

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02 Aug 1925 – Only in NY Darlings

At the Biltmore Hotel, Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Valentino entertained a table of guests in honor of the Spanish painter Federico Beltran-Masses. The table guests included Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chaplain, Marion Davies, Elinor Glyn and others.  Charlie Chaplain seemed to do a great deal of dancing and seemed to favor Marion Davies as a partner versus his wife Lita Grey.  Mrs. Valentino wore the ever present turban which has given rise to speculation amongst the Hollywood wags as to whether she sleeps in one.  This time it was of white satin. A peach satin gown with straps covered in pearls girdled at the hips with large pearl hearts, below which the skirt flared to a wide pearl encircled hem. Her heavy long brown hair was word in braided bosses over her ears. Ah only in NYC Darlings.

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Studios have tried and failed to find a successor to Rudolph Valentino.

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“Success doesn’t consist of doing good work only. Above all, you must keep your feet on the ground”…Rudolph Valentino, 1924

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