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21 Feb 1928 – Poor Mills

If allegations in litigation ore correct, Mrs. Millie Hawkes, New York, at 85 years, bobs and dyes her hair, has 50 pairs of shoes, five fur coats and is the mother of the late June Mathis,  Metro scenario writer. Mills is being sued for half of an estate of $50,000 under an undated will. Silvano Balboni, her son-in-law, says he is maintaining her in luxury and wants out.

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21 Aug 1925 – June Mathis & Silvano Balboni

On the set at United Studios: There’s June Mathis and Rex Ingram responsible for the making of “The Four Horsemen” into one of the greatest movies ever produced. June is now supervising filming of her own production for First National called “Viennese Medley.” A new director is directing through a huge megaphone. He is Kurt Rehfeld. Kurt was Rex Ingram’s assistant. Miss Mathis gave him this chance. Seated behind Rehfeld watching the action are Miss Mathis and her husband, Silvano Balboni. While Conway Tearle and May Allison do a bit of Viennese romancing before the camera, I reflect on the fact that all the movie Romeo-and-Julieting isn’t done “for the benefit of cinema.” There’s the case of June and Silvano. I knew Balboni when he was making “Shifting Sans,” a movie with Peggy Hyland. It was filmed in the Libyan desert in North Africa j and Balboni “shot” the most stirring desert riding stuff ever seen in a movie. Returning to America, Balboni met June Mathis and there was a mutual palpitation of hearts. “Bal” was amazed at the vivid vital personality of Miss Mathis. Silvano’s Byronic head attracted the dynamic authoress executive. They were married and today in Hollywood are an outstanding example of professional and martial felicity. They are working together now to make Miss Mathis initial production “on her own” the biggest thing yet done

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21 Feb 1928 – June Mathis Mother Bobs Hair at 85

If allegations in litigation are correct. Mrs. Millie Hawkes of New York at 85 bobs and dyes her hair, has 50 pairs of shoes and five fur coats.  She is the mother of the late June Mathis, scenario writer, and is suing for half of an estate of $50,000 under an undated will. Silvano Balboni, her son-in-law avers he is maintaining her in luxury. Mrs Hawkes says your never too old to continue looking your best.

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10 Sep 1935 – Balboni Back to Stay

Following the death of his wife June Mathis, five years ago. Silvano Balboni returned to his native Italy to produce films.  But he is back now to supervise the technical details of Edward Small’s picture “The Melody Lingers ON” which has an Italian locale, and he intends to remain. Balboni started photographing movies in 1910 – he is 40 now and later he directed several pictures here and in England. While working in London, he induced a young stock actor to try the films. The actor was Ronald Coleman, Miss Mathis was a noted scenarist and the discoverer of Rudolph Valentino.

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14 Apr 1928 – Silvano Balboni Will Get Estate of June Mathis

The entire $100,000 estate of the late June Mathis, prominent scenarist, will go to her husband, Silvano Balboni, motion picture director, under a decision filed today in Judge Crail’s court.  Balboni’s attorneys stated the director would care for Mrs. Millie Hawkes, 85 grandmother of Miss Mathis, who lost a life interest because she contested the will. Last year,  Mrs. Hawkins sued the director in court for $50,000. The director in-turn told the court she already lives in luxury with five fur coats and 50 shoes. Also, discovered during the contest that the will bore a printed dateline and was therefore, not entirely in Miss Mathis’ hand. ON this ground the will was declared void and the husband was made sole beneficiary.

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“Rudolph Valentino was an artist whose place will be impossible to fill, just as it will be impossible to fill the empty place in our hearts, caused by his death. I am deeply grieved.” Silvano Balboni, husband of June Mathis

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