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23 Aug 1927 – One year later

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24 Aug 1950 – Rudolph Valentino’s Fans Do Not Never Forget

Rudolph Valentino’s fans have not forgotten the screen’s greatest lover. On the 24th anniversary of his death a group led by Ditra Flame, “The Lady in Black” paid homage to Valentino yesterday. They laid sprays of flowers on his crypt. After a moment of prayer the fans mostly middle-aged women left. “I know he is still alive and he is not to be relegated to man’s musty pages by his physical demise. He still lives in our hearts ” said Miss Flame

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27 Aug 1926- Rudolph Valentino Body Lying in State Uncontrollable Mobs

Guarded by police and black-shirted Facists because of the unprecedented and uncontrollable mobs that thronged to view it resulting in scores of injuries the both of Rudolph Valentino, the cinema star was on view to the public again Wednesday and Thursday. Pola Negri who left Hollywood on Wednesday in the hope of arriving for the funeral services on Monday. The place of burial will be decided on the arrival of the brother who sailed from France on Wednesday. No disorders occurred on Wednesday, although nearly 200 policemen were engaged in the seemingly endless line of mourners through the room where the body reposes at the rate of 60 a minute. The remains will lie in state till Sunday night. Tentative plans indicate that he funeral will take place on Monday morning with a processional to St Malachi’s Church and the Requiem and High Mass.
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26 Aug 1926 – Lincoln Cab Mechanic Claims to be Brother of Rudolph Valentino

Did Rudolph Valentino have brother in Lincoln?  Frank Fisher, 38 years 1145 L Street says he is the famous movie star’s next to oldest brother. He had been estranged from Rudolph, he said. Fisher has lived in Lincoln for five years, he said Tuesday afternoon, and he is employed now as a mechanic at the Yellow Cab Company. Fisher was located on the second floor of the cab company garage by a Journal Reporter late Tuesday afternoon. The man, whose resemblance to photos of the former celebrity is striking, was at work on a cab. He was clad in grease stained coveralls.  “I don’t want to say anything about it”, he declared with a strong Italian accent, when asked about his mooted relationship to Valentino. “He was my younger brother. I packed my things Monday to go to New York when word came he was dead then a telegram came from mother at Hollywood telling me to stay here, that Rudolph’s body would be sent back to Hollywood.  “I don’t want to make any fuss about it”. Fisher continued when drawn on by questions, much against his will. “Rudolph and I have been practically strangers since I saw him last in 1915 when he worked in a golf ball factory in Chicago. Three years ago, he wanted me to come to Chicago and he said would apologize to me. Then this divorce business came up and spoiled it all for I was thinking some of meeting him”. Fisher did not say what caused the contention between himself and the alleged brother, but left it to be gathered that it was personal and entirely within the family. He intimated that treatment accorded the mother by Rudolph turned him against the famous one.  “I don’t want to say anything about it”, Fisher repeated. “Mother said she would wire me very soon and if she thinks it’s all right I will not object to some publicity. But it’s all up to her. She’s the only woman in the world I would trust”. Further information about the relationship between the Lincoln mechanic and the idol of the movies whose death has shaken the movie world, was drawn from Fisher by close questioning and is largely contained in the following: There were three boys and two girls in the family by the name of Gugliemo. The Americanized form is Glacier. Fisher’s alleged name is Francisco Fisheer Gugliemo, but he contracted it to Frank Fisher Glacier. Rudolph middle name was Valentino and his last name Glacier, it was alleged.  Fisher was born in New York,  he said, and after that his parents went back to Italy where Rudolph was born. The latter was quite young when he immigrated to this country. The father died about ten years ago, Fisher said, and the mother had lived in Omaha for several years, but recently went to Hollywood.  R.D.S. Bennett, manager of the Yellow Cab Company in Lincoln declared Tuesday evening that he believed Fisher is telling the truth when he said he is Valentino’s older brother. “Frank has worked for me two years, and he has confided more or less in me. However, I wouldn’t break his confidence by snitching. He doesn’t like to talk about Valentino.”  Bill Tierman, proprietor of another garage where Fisher worked from last January until last Sunday night, going back to the Yellow Cab Company doubts the two are brothers. “I heard alittle about it here in the garage and I think Fisher maybe a relative in some degree, but not a brother.” Fisher was divorced from his wife a short time ago. Attorney Maggi served him. It appears that they reunited for when sought by a reporter at his boarding place, neighbors said that Fisher had gone out walking with his ex-wife. “They knew nothing of his claim to brotherhood with the famous Rudolph”. Fisher was found Tuesday after more than an hour’s tracing of a rumor.  Walter Eaton, policeman remarked that Valentino had a brother in Lincoln. Given the “horse laugh” Eaton was anxious to vindicate his statement and he called the friend who had told him. Next came the friends sister, sister’s friend, and friends friend. Finally, the reporter inquired at the taxi company and gained audience with Fisher who declared simply that he was Rudolph’s brother. Biographical sketches of Valentino mentioned a brother and sister in Italy, but none in America.  Leased wire dispatches Tuesday indicate that Valentino’s mother died several years ago and is buried in France.

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25 Aug 1926 – Valentino Fan Commentary

It was with boiling indignation that I read the letter “Disgusted. It was full of disrespect to the late Rudolph Valentino yet your correspondent stated, “Far be it from me to say anything disrespectful of one who has passed through the great divide”. We women know what was at the bottom of the letter – pure jealousy,, then he states that the flapper must save some excitement.  Let me tell him that if his life has been as clean as was that of Valentino then he has something to be proud of.

Marie Crossett, Adelaide, Australia

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23 Aug 17 – 90th Anniversary of Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service

 I attended the 90th Anniversary of the Memorial Service for Rudolph Valentino, Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  This year as in the previous years, I always look forward to coming to LA its like coming home seeing Tracy, Stella G, Pam C, Karie Bible who looked amazing. This year, Tracy made a couple of changes bringing a more modern approach.  The memorial service was broadcasted via Facebook live offering members of the “We Never Forget Rudolph Valentino” Facebook group a chance to be apart of the virtual audience.  The line-up for the memorial service was STELLAR. As always my favorite is the singing…Ms Terry Moore’s god daughter was amazing singing “Ave Maria” as well as Ms. Terry Moore herself, the ever gracious Ms. Sylvia Valentino-Huber, Ms Joan Craig, and others.  When the service ends it always brings a sadness because it seems to go by so quickly. Well there will be next year, I wanted to add I finally got to meet Mr. Donald Gardner who is a noted videographer and Allen Ellenberger a noted author who I am a true fan of his books.  A special thank you again to Tracy and Stella…See you all next year.

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23 Aug 1926 – Death comes to Rudolph Valentino

As it must to all men, death came to Rudolph Valentino, sheik. Sitting in his apartment at the Hotel Ambassador, Manhattan last week, he suddenly clapped a hand to his side, fainted.  Taken to the Polyclinic Hospital, he was operated on for appendicitis gastric ulcers. Over the wires of the world buzzed the news. At the hospital door bushels of flowers arrived. Two extra operators were detailed to the telephone switchboard to answer calls concerning Mr. Valentino (when a rumor that he was dead circulated, the calls came at the rate of 2,000 an hour). A maid delivered an Irish linen bed spread and pillow case marked “Rudy” with a card from Jean Acker.  From Paris, came a message “Pray God night and day for your recovery”signed Winifred Hudnut. “This is Pola Negri in California said a brittle voice on the telephone, “How is Mr. Valentino”? Thousands, hundreds of thousands of women everywhere were asking “How is Mr. Valentino”? Mr. Valentino developed pleurisy. He was worse, said one of the telephone girls. Then a blood transfusion was performed. He was resting, sleeping. As dawn came, he awoke seemed restless. At last a scrawled note was laid before the switchboard operators.  One Lucy Vanderbilt broke down sobbing into her instrument “he’s dead, Rudy’s dead”. Traffic was choked with thousands as his body was taken to the undertakers. The corpse of Rudolph Valentino adequately educated, never actually in want, he roved from one occupation to another until fame and wealth came to him as Julio of “The Four Horsemen” When he died he was insured in favor of his producer Mr. Joseph Schenck for $1,000,000.

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23  Aug 1926 – Commentary

The death of Rudolph Valentino is one of the greatest tragedies that has occurred in the history of the motion picture industry.  As an actor he achieved fame & distinction; as a friend he commanded love and admiration.  We of the film industry, through his death, lose a very dear friend, a man of great charm and kindliness.

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23 Aug 1927

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1952 – Valentino Fan Note

Note from a 20 year old Rudolph Valentino fan:  You’ve got a bawling-out coming for your item about “The Eagle” being so bad.  It being old is true but that doesn’t make it bad. “Did you ever see such acting? You could tell what he was suppose to be saying by the expressions on his face and brother, what a face!

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