27 Aug 1926- Rudolph Valentino Body Lying in State Uncontrollable Mobs

Guarded by police and black-shirted Facists because of the unprecedented and uncontrollable mobs that thronged to view it resulting in scores of injuries the both of Rudolph Valentino, the cinema star was on view to the public again Wednesday and Thursday. Pola Negri who left Hollywood on Wednesday in the hope of arriving for the funeral services on Monday. The place of burial will be decided on the arrival of the brother who sailed from France on Wednesday. No disorders occurred on Wednesday, although nearly 200 policemen were engaged in the seemingly endless line of mourners through the room where the body reposes at the rate of 60 a minute. The remains will lie in state till Sunday night. Tentative plans indicate that he funeral will take place on Monday morning with a processional to St Malachi’s Church and the Requiem and High Mass.
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