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31 Aug 1951 – The Real Rudolph Valentino as his friends knew

Rudolph Valentino had a hobby of hunting and often went on mountain trips with fellow star Stuart Holmes.  Stuart Holmes now a movie bit player, declares “whatever he did, he did with all his heart”.

Rudolph Valentino was not a woman chaser said Dev Jennings cameraman at Paramount who filmed him in “Cobra” when I knew him he was very much in love with former wife Natacha Rambova, and was very jealous of her.

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23 Apr 1957 – June Mathis

June Mathis the scenarist who discovered silent film star Rudolph Valentino, is buried next to him in Hollywood. She secretly arranged it that way.

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23 Aug 1926


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20 Aug 18 -Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service

Every year, the month of August marks a sad occasion for the Valentino Community the death of a silent film actor that we all know, respect and love – Rudolph Valentino.

Generations of fans alike from all corners of the globe will come together physically and virtually to mark the passing of a true talent and legend. The memorial service comes to serve us all as a reminder to pause and remember that he has never been forgotten. The purpose of this blog has always been to give the viewer a glimpse into a yester-year. A bygone era of photos, newspaper headlines, articles that give us something new and different to savor and perhaps bring us all a little closer as a community should. But its important to know there are dedicated and humble people who work behind the scenes each year to ensure the Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service is done in a fitting and respectful manner in tribute to one we all come together and celebrate and mourn the passing of a wonderful silent star whose light will never dim. To Tracy Terhune, Ms. Stella Grace and others, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. On 23 Aug 18, 1315 PST, Los Angeles California, Hollywood Forever Cemetery 91st Memorial Service physically and virtually the Valentino Community will once again come together I will see you there.

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24 Aug 1989 – Another Lady in Black


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24 Aug 1926 – Tribute to Rudy

Executives and employees in United Artists Studio Los Angeles and at the New York home office will cease work for five minutes at noon tomorrow in tribute to the memory of Rudolph Valentino, who died Aug 23. 1926. Friends will attend a memorial mass in Hollywood, followed by ceremonies at the crypt of Valentino in Hollywood cemetery.

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4 Jul 1938 – Jimmie Fiddler, Hollywood

In this morning’s mail arrived a letter and an enclosure which leaves me gasping.  The note to me reads “I couldn’t find Mr. Rudolph Valentino’s address, so I am writing him in your care. Will you kindly forward it to Mr. Valentino. Thank you.” The enclosure reads “Dear Mr. Valentino, Congratulations! I saw your performance in The Son of the Sheik and thought you were grand. This is the first picture I ever saw in my life, and I hope to see every picture you make from now on. Keep up the good work!” I am still trying to decide whether there actually is someone ignorant of Valentino’s death or whether I am being ribbed.

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