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31 Jan 1924 – Writer Leaves for Europe


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1951 – The Carmel Myers Show

The Carmel Myers Show

In 1951, The Carmel Myers Show, was one of the first interview style shows that was briefly on TV.   The featured guest, noted soprano and film star, Jeanette MacDonald, was a friend of Miss Myers who came to prominence during the silent film era.  Miss Myers was a co-star of Rudolph Valentino in “A Society Sensation”.


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21 Apr 1926 – Where Star Salaries Go

We have frequently commented on the fact that the modern screen player has developed into a sound business person who realizes the shifting, ephemeral quality of film fame and who sanely invests the generous returns which the work brings in a manner to insure independence regardless of future happiness. A survey of players working brings out these instances: Carmel Myers owns several houses which she leases, Conrad Nagel is salting his away in reliable bonds, Rudolph Valentino hired a manager who helps him with
sound investments, Karl Dane has a large chicken ranch not far from Los Angeles. Doesn’t sound much like reckless extravagance and Hollywood as she is painted does it?

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