92nd Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service

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1926 – America in Mourning

Rudolph Valentino died on Monday. Not since the death of the three American Presidents Roosevelt, Wilson and Harding has there been in the present generation such country-wide public manifestations of grief over the demise of any person as that of Valentino. Newspapers through out the nation in headlines, in many cases six inches high state “United States Mourns Valentino”. Many journals devote half their contents to pictures of the cinema star from baby-hood to man-hood and long accounts of his life career even stressing that he was not and American and his residence in this country was brief, having arrived penniless and for many years earned his living at the most menial tasks.  He was unquestionably the most popular state figure in America. One writer declares Valentino was more popular the world over than any King who ever lived.  Hundreds of thousands of people literally blocked the street around the hospital for 24 hours before his death. An appeal was broadcast over the radio for helpful thought when his condition became serious. Thousands of messages a day poured in from people, while floral contributions filed the corridors of the hospital. His death cast a gloom on the bright lights of Broadway the famous NY theatre district.
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17 Aug 1927 – Hysteria and Home Truths — An Interesting Comparison— Of Extreme English and American Opinion

England Opinion: In a golden casket one London woman is preserving as her greatest treasure – a shirt of the late Rudolph Valentino. Other erratic female specimens have erected shrines in their boudoirs, others again grow flowers under his portrait. There is no limit to their sentimental extravagance. It is therefore of interest to read two opinions, one English and one American, on the all important topic of Rudy. At Shepherd’s Bush Pavilion, London, the last week of July, many British women thronged to the Pavilion as a tribute to the memory of their departed idol. Many of them carried banners. The demonstration was arranged by the Valentino Memorial Guild and the service was subsidized by the International Memorial Fund, a fund that in the first feminine frenzy after the ex-waiters death was collected among susceptible women from all different parts of Britain. Pictures of the star’s home life at Hollywood were screened and wept over, extracts from his poems were read, and a bronze plaque was erected to his memory. And for several hours hundreds of infatuated women wept and slobbered and lamented. As time goes on, the Guild will, unless it decides to squander the money in some other way, reissue the Valentino films and a children’s hospital which will be in memory of Rudy.
American Opinion: Rudolph Valentino,’ said an American Writer just before the stat’s death, ‘is one of those half breed Italians, of whom both halves are bad. He came to a stony-broke waiter. For a time the. Heavens were just and he stayed a waiter. ‘Then he tried dancing. All his brains were in his feet and his pockets soon began to fill. ‘Full pockets meant high spots for Valentino, booze and women, both pretty bad, and thus excellent company for an imported an entity whom no One but the jail governors should have keen glad to welcome. ‘In a weak moment someone let him in the movies some giggling flapper saw Mm and decided this greasy, ill-washed continental butt was thrilling. She told her friends and convinced them to think so too. ‘When they tried him in a Sheik stuff the flapper thrilled again. ‘In no tithe TBIS WOP WAITER became better known than the president. With the morals of a sewer rat and the scarred face of a Cairo boatman Valentino vamped himself a place in the best movie society and began to love and leave th6 women & bit higher up the social ladder. ‘American women who shudder at the scum that slinks off the immigrant ships into Ellis Island gaped in thrilled awe at the dago’s » bear-hugging and thought the greatest joy in life would be to have their spinal cord crack in elegant embraces that wouldn’t, be permitted in a rough-run ?wrest- ling joint. ‘Generally the men of Hollywood bated him. His debts of which were never paid because he had a lot of debts and no honor this text Men hated him because a half-baked satyr is never popular. He was a poor sport, a miserable mugger of detent women and he should never have been allowed to wander into any civilized country.
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22 Aug 1983 – Harmony Treasure Stolen

Tommorrow is the 57th anniversary of film idol Rudolph Valentino’s death a doubly sad day for the town of Harmony, population 28 located hear San Simeon.  For years, an unusual monument to Valentino there was accompanied by a sign that read “In the early 1900’s and in the company of W.R. Hearst and Pola Negri, Rudolph Valentino had a call of nature”.  Guilda Williams, who lived here, was kind enough to let him use her bathroom.  When the little house was remodeled, the potty was converted into an outdoor planter that disappeared earlier this year.  “We heard it had been found by police in Clovis” said Jim Lawrence, who owns the town.  But when I called the ID didn’t seem to match up.

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Three hundred women and girls, In deep mourning, attended a special Man at St. Orrvals Church to-day. In memory of Rudolph Valentino. Scores of girls waited outside the Late Rudolph Valentino church. The Mass was arranged by a mysterious woman, reputed to be im mensely wealthy, who Is frequently seen al Uie church. She does not reveal her name, but often goes to the church to request a Mass for the repose of the soul of Valentino

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1922-1929 – The friendship and love between Kabar and Rudolph Valentino


Each year, during the months of August and September, the Valentino community comes together mourning the life of Rudolph Valentino.  When Rudolph Valentino died everyone was grieving for him. While back at Falcon Lair, Rudolph Valentino’s personal home where all of his horses and dogs lived were daily waiting the return of their beloved owner and friend. Who gave any thought or consideration to the horses and dogs left behind. The answer to these questions is no one gave thought or consideration or reassurance of their feelings of grief or they would be okay and taken care of not to be sold but remain in a familiar place remembered where they were loved and treasured.   The animals mourned the loss but one felt that more than the rest Kabar a Doberman Pincher, Valentino’s favorite and constant companion.   Kabar was born in Alsace, France on 20 June 1922, given to Valentino during a trip to Europe. Kabar was only a few months old, when he was sent to the French estate of the Hudnut family to be specially trained there.  Over time, he was seen constantly at Valentino’s side to even sleeping in his chamber at night.  Natacha Rambova often accused Valentino of favoring Kabar and hating on her Pekinese dogs. Not so said Valentino”shes the one I hate”.  On 23 Aug 1926, when his best friend died Kabar instinctively knew something was wrong and started howling so loudly that all of the other pets picked up the signal and started howling as well and could not be appeased.  Beatrice Lillie was so frightened of what she was hearing that she ran her car off the mountain road and fainted when on her way home from a party nearby at John Gilbert’s house.  When Alberto Valentino arrived back at the estate the dog’s grief somewhat subsided but he was constantly sick since Valentino’s death.  On 3 Feb 1929, Kabar passed away from a broken heart.  Senator Vest of Missouri immortalized Kabar in one of his speeches. The death of Kabar, brought up the question what to do with his remains.  Because this was newsworthy he was the first famous pet to be buried in a pet cemetery.   Alberto Valentino buried Kabar with a marker that read “Kabar My Faithful Dog” Valentino. To this day, the Valentino community talks about the love and friendship between Kabar and his best friend.

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23 Aug 2019 – 92nd Annual Valentino Memorial Service

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In less than 12 days, generations of fans of the great silent film legend Rudolph Valentino will come from parts all over to the Cathedral Mausoleum, Hollywood Forever Cemetery to celebrate and mourn the life of a talent that lives on in our minds, hearts and celluloid.

rudolphvalentino-burial2.jpg The memorial service comes to serve us all as a reminder to pause and remember that he has never been forgotten. The purpose of this blog has always been to give the viewer a glimpse into a yester-year. A bygone era of photos, newspaper headlines, articles that give us something new and different to savor and perhaps bring us all a little closer as a community should. But its important to know there are dedicated and humble people who work behind the scenes each year to ensure the Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service is done in a fitting and respectful manner in tribute to one we all come together and celebrate and mourn the passing of a wonderful silent star whose light will never dim. To Mr. Tracy Terhune, Ms. Stella Grace and others, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the hard work all that you have done and continue to do. On 23 Aug, 1315 PST, Los Angeles California, Hollywood Forever Cemetery 92nd Memorial Service physically and virtually the Valentino Community will once again come together.

The 92nd Valentino Memorial Service 

August 23, 2019
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Admission is Free
Free Parking
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1949 – Rudy Remembered

rudyremembered 1949.PNG

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“Before leaving London Valentino went into the Wykham Studio in Victoria Street to have a passport photograph taken when he gave his name, the assistant exclaimed, ‘Oh! My God’, to which remark Valentino replied ‘No not a God, only a mortal’–Rudolph Valentino

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22 Aug 1925 – Rudolph Valentino Changes Sports to Keep Up Interest

Rudolph Valentino gets up at five o’clock and his himself to the beach for a swim before going to work in “The Eagle” which Clarence Brown is directing. When he was making “Cobra” he used to get up at the same hour and box or ride horseback.  Rudy changes his sports and hobbies regularly and thus keeps a fresh interest.

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1 Jul 1921 Screen Scribbles

Speaking of screen premiers in Los Angeles, the opening performance of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” was an affair of importance. All the principal players from the cast were there, including Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry, Derek Ghent and Virginia Warwick. The tango was to have been danced by Rudolph Valentino and Beatriz Dominguez who played the Argentinian dancer in the picture, but she, poor girl, passed away following an operation for appendicitis a few days before the picture was shown. The presentation was somewhat marred by the introductory remarks of a gentleman from Brazil, who although an American, had a limited vocabulary, and a distressing originality of pronunciation. “My friends” he began, “we are about to witness the great dramatically spectacular “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” the –“business of consulting the program) the Apoc-al-ypse–..A titter from the audience checked him and he tried it again. After the roar of laughter had subsided he let the matter of pronunciation go hang, and contented himself with referring to the feature as the greatest “dramatically spectacular”.


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