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The world of silent films is a fascinating place to explore. There is one actor who stands out the most and that is Rudolph Valentino. The words in this blog are copyrighted by law.

1924 – Stephen Henry Horgan & Rudolph Valentino

10716_135005327908.jpgOn 2 Feb 1854, Stephen Henry Horgan, was born in Norfolk, Virginia. In 1880, Horgan a photographer invented a process of reproducing the tones of a photograph by means of dotted or checkered spots.  During the 1920’s, Stephen Henry Horgan, worked as a recording secretary, American Institute of Graphic Arts and during this time AIGA had great success in sending pictures over the wire.  Horgan an inventor had an idea of transforming black and white pictures into color over the wire.  In July 1924, Horgan made history, he took a portrait of Rudolph Valentino in costume as Monsieur Beaucaire used a process with three plate developed and inked in three separate colors blue, yellow, red and printed one on top of the other. The result was a color version sent by American Telephone & Telegraph Company wire from Chicago to New York.  For this remarkable achievement Horgan received the AIGA medal which is presented to individuals in recognition of their exceptional achievement. Horgan was a pioneer in the field of photomechanical reproduction and was connected in various capacities with many printing, publishing, and engraving concerns. In 1934, Horgan a widower of 14 years, married his long-time secretary, Della Van Houten, 74 years old at St Anne’s Catholic Church, Nyack, New York.  On 30 Aug 1941, Horgan died at age 87 and is buried in Nyack, New York.


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1922 – Rudolph Valentino Wins Recognition Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I’ve been an avid reader of your magazine for some years and have found everything it has contained of great interest as well as a help to movie fans. I know how very nice it is to read about your favorite and in my case it is Mr. Rudolph Valentino and the paragraphs below will tell you why:

I first had the opportunity of seeing Mr. Valentino in “Passions Playground” and in this movie he had a small role that he played very well. Also, seen two other motion pictures and he left me as being a very capable actor and when I heard he was going to play the screen version of “The Four Horsemen” I was very happy indeed and he would make this role and picture and success.  I now understand he is playing Armond in Camille and I know he will take his place among the leading men of the silver screen. Valentino is a very diplomatic Italian youth and I hope very soon that he will become more popular, Everyone I know seems to like him, and I hope he will gain a good many more admires in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Lillia N. New York City, NY

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“I regret not having played in stock.  I would have received a fine training there. I am sure”….Rudolph Valentino

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02 Aug 1925 – Only in NY Darlings

At the Biltmore Hotel, Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Valentino entertained a table of guests in honor of the Spanish painter Federico Beltran-Masses. The table guests included Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chaplain, Marion Davies, Elinor Glyn and others.  Charlie Chaplain seemed to do a great deal of dancing and seemed to favor Marion Davies as a partner versus his wife Lita Grey.  Mrs. Valentino wore the ever present turban which has given rise to speculation amongst the Hollywood wags as to whether she sleeps in one.  This time it was of white satin. A peach satin gown with straps covered in pearls girdled at the hips with large pearl hearts, below which the skirt flared to a wide pearl encircled hem. Her heavy long brown hair was word in braided bosses over her ears. Ah only in NYC Darlings.

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Studios have tried and failed to find a successor to Rudolph Valentino.

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“Success doesn’t consist of doing good work only. Above all, you must keep your feet on the ground”…Rudolph Valentino, 1924

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20 Jun 1923 – Arthur Butler Graham vs. Rudolph Valentino

On 20 June 1923 , Arthur Butler Graham, Rudolph Valentino’s personal attorney who represented him during his lawsuit against Famous Players-Lasky. Sued his client in a New York Supreme Court in the amount of $48, 295 for legal services performed.abg1.PNGabg2.PNG






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Mar 1920 – Gloria Swanson Maybelline Star

gloria 1920.PNG

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24 Jul 1950 – Film Director Dies

Rex Ingram, the film director and producer who was credited with the discovery of Rudolph Valentino, died last night. He was aged 58. Some of his best known films were “The Prisoner of Zenda,” “The Garden of Allah,” and “The Thief of Baghdad.
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Jul 1922 – A Hardy Soul Mate

Rudolph Valentino recently told a reporter that he wanted a soul mate. His former wife Jean Acker, suing for separation and claiming that Rudy knocked her down, used her perfume and performed other acts of violence, came forth with the declaration that she was his soul mate only he didn’t realize it.  After embarassing himself with all sorts of allegations in the court-room, she declared she adored him! Just a woman’s sweet way, I suppose. Well by the time the judge has granted a separation of divorce or other nominal severance, but take from Jean their souls go marching on.

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19 Jul 1921 – Film Folks Make Plea in Church for Tolerance

Asking for tolerance of a growing industry, and for aid rather than discouragement in a fight to raise the standard of motion pictures, half a dozen prominent figures in the film world addresses a large audience last night at Immanuel Presbyterian church hero. “We ask that intelligent censorship only be permitted,” declared Charles F. Eyton. general manager of the Famous Players-Lasky corporation. “Censorship in the hands of fanatics will ruin the movie industry.” Other speakers included Reginald Barker, Bert Lytell, Kathleen Williams, June Mathis and Rev. Dr. C. B. Winbigler.

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Jan 1914


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