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The world of silent films is a fascinating place to explore. There is one actor who stands out the most and that is Rudolph Valentino. The words in this blog are copyrighted by law.

16 Aug 1923 – Valentino on Vacation


The foreign stars of the cinema, one after the other, come to France. Douglas Fairbanks and his wife Mary Pickford, and for ‘England the blonde’ Pearl White have already come smiling in the flesh to the enthusiasm of the crowds – under the Parisian sky.  Yesterday, in its turn, a new star descended from the clouds, Rudolph Valentino, Prince Charming of the cinema and his charming wife Natacha Rambova.  All of the famous silent film stars are in Paris. Mr. Valentino is having some rest before going back to New York to finish filming and judging an American Beauty Contest. The adoring crowds designated him as the most handsome man, was celebrating with his equally famous friends. The evening, in fact, a grand-banquet was setup for his party in the hotel. An international star, much more than American, Rudolpho  Gugliemi was born in Castellaneta, and is actually called Rudolph Valentino. Eight years he went to America, started living a real movie; episodes by turns dramatic or triumphant. Dancer, then screen artist, he knows about Americans – and especially American cars – a vogue almost eclipses that of trolleys. Thus, after very romantic difficulties, he married, two years ago, the daughter of the perfume king, Mr. Richard Hudnut who goes by the name of Natacha Rambova.  The photo taken shows Valentino, followed by his wife getting off the plane, at, Bourget. The arriving party will be going to Paris.  Mr. Jacques Hébertot, Director theater of the Champs-Elysées, which is in Paris, France, in charge of his interests, has engaged him.

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10 Sep 1924 – Valentino on Vacation

Rudolph Valentino will come to make his own pictures. In the meantime, a copy of the first cut print of “A Sainted Devil” made for Paramount, will be forwarded to Rudolph Valentino at Juan Les Pins, Antibes, France.  Mr. Valentino sailed the day following completion of his work in the production at the Paramount Long Island Studio, has not seen the completed picture which was filmed under the direction of Joseph Henabery.  The picture is now being cut and edited under the supervision of director and E. Lloyd Sheldon a supervising editor, and when the work is finished at the end of week, a print of the completed film will be forwarded to France where the star is spending a short vacation.

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21 Aug 1925 – Mash Notes to Sheik Cause Wife to Leave

This author is not buying the excuse, Mrs. Rudolph Valentino is giving the press these days. “I won’t sit waiting for a husband who goes on lot at 5:00 a.m. and gets home at midnight and gets mails from girls in Oshkosh and Kalamazoo” and trying to look disappointed, reproachful and hurt while giving a press statement. Seems Mrs. Valentino is not good at fibbing and confessed the marital vacation is in reality a separation.  George Ullman, Mrs. Valentino’s personal representative was with her today in charge of negotiations. He is not, her lawyer, and she could not conveniently remember her lawyers address. Ullman admitted he was open to the charge of alienating Mrs. Valentino’s artistic affections.

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21 Feb 1953 – Rudy’s Manager Died

RV Agent 21Feb53.PNG

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1927 – The Truth on Valentino Insurance Policy at the time of his death

The late movie star and originator of the screen “Sheik” Rudolph Valentino was insured with the Missouri State Life for $200,000.00 by his producing company, Feature Production Incorporated.  It is the belief this represents the entire amount of insurance carried on his life for the benefit of his movie producers.  The report which gained circulation at the time of Valentino’s death that he carried $1,000,000 of insurance was erroneous.  Valentino’s application dated 9 May 1925, was written by our Los Angeles branch. In signing his application he used his full name of Rudolph Valentino Gugliemi. Valentino was 31 years of age at the time of his death on 26 Aug 1926, 1210 p.m. The company’s check for $200,000.00 was made out to Feature Productions, Inc

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15 Oct 1934 – Royalties Still Paid on Films of Valentino

 Heirs of Rudolph Valentino are still collecting royalties from his pictures more than eight years after his death it was revealed in court today. Two of the late actors greatest films “Son of the Sheik” and “The Eagle” are still shown in theatres throughout the world, the administrator of his estate informed Probate Judge Walton Wood. The court was asked to approve a compromise settlement of $6,093.75 with Art Cinema corporation as royalties due to the estate. The court concurred.


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11 Feb 1945 Red Banker Tells How Valentino his boss, had to ‘fight’ girls too

ralph rogers.PNG

Ralph Rogers, is a dark, florid man of 45 behind whose quiet, brown eyes are the memories of two decades ago when he led a more colorful life as body-guard, valet, chauffeur for the late Rudolph Valentino. He was the late film lover’s companion the night Valentino won 450,000 francs and broke the bank at Monte Carlo. He was with him in an automobile crash near Hollywood when those who rushed to the scene stole bits of the shattered Valentino car as souvenirs, forgetting the begrimed, bleeding victims of the crash. He was aboard ship with him when Benito Mussolini warned the late Rudy by wireless not to put foot on Italian soil with immediate induction in the army as an alternative.  He spent three hectic years trying to save his boss from girls and women who besieged him for autographs, sometimes tearing at his clothes, even snipping hairs from his dog for mementos.  One night while enroute from Europe to America aboard the Vaterland, later the Leviathan, women banged on the doors of once was the Kaisers Suite demanding the public appearance of Valentino who wanted only to be left alone to sleep. In some European Capitals the besieged Valentino had to employ the utmost diplomacy to shoo away an occasional princess, baroness, or countess. All this, and more besides are among the memories of Ralph Rogers, 110 Monmouth Street here when he is not engaged in the operation of his small Italian restaurant on Broad Street, Shrewsbury. His getting the job as Valentino’s man Friday was by accident. Rogers was employed in the main showrooms of the Isotta-Frachini Company, New York City. His boss was a chap named D’Annunzio son of the famous Italian poet and patriot.  Valentino drove an Isotta and had dropped in wit the problem of getting a man to go to Europe with him to drive the car.  D’Annunzio suggested Ralph Rogers.  Rogers accepted but in the back of his mind he figured he might get the chance to visit his relatives in Sorento. “We toured Europe the days and nights were always exciting and interested. But Valentino was never interested too greatly in women perhaps they annoyed him too much.  In Europe it was very bad the way they kept after him.  During the years from 1923-1026 when I was with him, I know of only one woman Valentino seemed to care anything about and that was Pola Negri. In my humble opinion she was the only girl Valentino seemed to really care for. The night Valentino broke the bank at Monte Carlo I was beside him most of the evening. I say it was 450,000 francs he won it may have been 500,000 or 550.000. I can only remember that I had to carry the money out in a bag to the car and that the place closed down tight, turning all the guests away. It was very bad night for the old gambling house. Papers all over the world were full of the story the next day. “While we were in France, I mentioned to Valentino I had relatives in Sorrento. He told me to take his car and drive there and to spend as much time as I liked. He was a wonderfully democratic fellow, very generous and very understanding.  He was what you might say a ‘swell guy’ all around”.  When we arrived back in New York disembarking from the Vaterland Valentino told me he would like to keep me and asked would I be willing to be employed by him instead of going back to my old job.  He said we got along so well he would not like to see me go. I decided I would remain with him. “Out around the Pacific coast when women couldn’t get close enough to Valentino in his car they would actually shinny up to the roof of the car and peer in at him. He had his troubles with the women. Ralph Rogers never saw Valentino when thougsands streamed into Campbell Funeral Parlor to view the late film idols body. “Just as in life” Rogers says, the crush of women was too great.  I stood outside and looked. I saw those women lineup for blocks. I shook my head with the memory of a real fine fellow I would never see again. Up to a year ago, Ralph Rogers was still wearing pajamas Valentino had given him. He Loved fine pajamas said Ralph. He had them by the dozen and they were made of the finest materials, personally made for him to last a life time. They did for him, and lasted another 20 years for me. The last pair I abandoned just about a year ago.

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1 Mar 1926 – Costume Party

Rudolph Valentino, Manuel Reachi and Pola Negri at a costume party. Capture.PNG

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