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28 Jan 1924 -Carmel Myers


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27 Jan 1926


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25 Jan 1922 – Hollywood Invites Sarah Earnhardt to 10th Anniversary

Hollywood has invited Madame Sarah Earnhardt to attend the tenth anniversary of the birth of the feature motion picture. The following cablegram has been filed to the famous actress at her home in Paris: “We, as representatives of American motion picture art, invite you to visit America to be honor guest In nationwide celebration of tenth birthday of feature motion picture. This invitation is in recogniton of tact that you were frst as you have been greatest artist to lend your genius to establish motion picture as art. “Your example ten years ago in creating ‘Queen Elizabeth,’ first feature picture, gave this new art impetus which has carried it it Us position’ as most important entertainment of world. Your appearance in ‘Queen Elizabeth’was inspiration to motion pictures as your appearance on speaking stage always has been inspiration to drama.” The cablegram bore the following signatures of Hollywood Elite: William DeMille. chairman; Rex Ingram, Wallace Reid. Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, Anita Stewart, George Melford, Douglas Fairbanks, Agnes Ayres, Guy Bates Post, William S. Hart, Penrhyn Stanlaws, Maurice Tourneur, Elinor Glyn, Betty Compact;, Norman Talmadge, Dorothy Dalton, .William D. Taylor, Constance Talmadge, Jack Holt, Theodore Kosloft, Douglas Mac Lean, Clayton Hamilton, Mary Miles Minter, Clara Beranger, Bebe Daniels, Buster Keaton, May McAvoy, Constance Binney, * Pauline Frederick, Theodore Roberts, John M. Stahl, Thomas Meighan, Charles Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Richard Walton, Tully, and June Mathis.

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1926 – Hollywood Map


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11 Jan 1909 – June Plays Part

June Mathis plays the leading woman’s part with charm. The supporting company is excellent, and the scenic climax of the third act, when the stage is set to represent the deck of a yacht in a wild gale is a masterpiece.

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2021 – Happy 7th Blog Anniversary

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What a journey, seven years ago, this blog became a reality starting with articles from yester-year telling a story about Rudolph Valentino from a different perspective.  Through time it has been my hope the present format provides enjoyment in a place providing information only true fans would appreciate and savor.

There have been numerous changes made so this platform can continue to be a knowledge source. For example, expenses associated with continuing to maintain this blog have been numerous and I implemented a Patreon account in hope fans will help support.  The world is far different place now and everyone is looking for a place to escape and it is my hope for fans this might be that place.

Going forward, many will discover by going to the Internet and trying to access this blog they will need permission.  WordPress is providing statistical research to determine this blogs popularity and future.  For now, access will only be gained through permission and I understand this might cause inconvenience for some. I humbly ask for fans cooperation.

Thank you and Happy Anniversary.


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6 Jan 1924 – There is a reason why prize beauty’s fail

What have the fates in store for 15-year-old Miss Norma Niblock, the Canadian girl, who won the recent National Beauty Contest, Madison Square Garden, New York City.?  Will she meet with the same disappointments, disillusionment and disasters that have come to the winners of other beauty contests or will she prove an exception to the rule that prize-winning beauties are cursed with a jinx. Here is a young woman who has been crowned as the first beauty of the land. Never less a personage than the Sheik of Sheiks Rudolph Valentino selected her from amongst 88 prize winners from as many American and Canadian cities.  In addition, to a crown she has a contract to appear in the movies with the mud-massage star.  Will she go the way of Agnes Souret, “La Plus Belle Femme De France” who is now a humble chorus girl in a music hall in which she was starred after winning the greatest beauty contest ever held in France? Will she experience the fate of Margaret Leahy “the most beautiful girl in England”, who was given a movie contract in Hollywood and is now suing Joseph Schenck for $50,000 because she was not starred? Will she return home to her parents like Mary Katherine Campbell, twice winner of national beauty contests in Atlantic City, New Jersey has done after failing to make an impression as a vaudeville actress? The experience and failure of these three famous prize beauties winners of the biggest and most extensively advertised beauty contests held on both sides of the Atlantic do not bode well for Miss Niblocks future. But perhaps she may escape the jinx. At any rate, she has a 3 year contract with the company that arranged the beauty contest and she will at least be used as advertising copy.

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1922 – Big Bear Lake


This article talks about a favorite destination of the rich and famous. The connection to Rudolph Valentino is in 1926 he took Pola Negri here and stayed overnight in one of the cabins.

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Jan 2021 – This month on Patreon Joan Sawyer

For Patreon Supporters – The new year starts out with find out more about Joan Sawyer who was Rudolph Valentino’s former dance partner in New York.  This posting was written by a former colleague who wrote about how she became to be.

For those that wish to become a supporter to this blog and view exclusive content here is the link below.


I wish you all a Happy New Year.


Dr. Chris R.

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