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29 Sep 1921 – Girls Had you heard? Camille has bobbed her hair

“Camille” brought up to date as the advertisements read, opened at the
Ziegfeld yesterday. It is a modern bobbed haired version of Dumas’ story,
and in my opinion in the shearing and remodeling  project has not proven
successful. You know, I don’t think you can ever make over stories like
“Camille”. You  can’t bring them up to date. You can’t transpose the coach
and four indelibly engraved upon a memory into a modern six cylinder motor car
on an black and white taxi, and get away with it. We’re not so bloody up to
date that we’re going to have our Juliet’s served to us in knickerbockers or our
Romeo’s in ‘pinch black’ coats and russet oxford. At least, I don’t believe
we are , no matter what beautiful photography or expensive settings do their
best to enhance to so-called versions of famous favorites.  Nazimova’s “Camille”
is not sincere. She does some fine acting but she is always acting. The ear you
long to shed for Dumas’ heroine of sin and sacrifice stays right in the
corner where it was before you start to view the picture.  Rudolph Valentino as
“Armand” is by all means the best bet in the film. After having witnessed
his work in “The Four Horsemen” however, it is difficult to enthuse over him as
the lover of “the lady of the Camille’s”. The production is the most
magnificent staged.  I shall be vulgar and say that producers certainly blew
themselves on the settings. They are sumptuous and exotic.  Nazimova’s
get-up is bizarre and striking.
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Mar 1921- Review of the Costumes of “Camille”

It will be an ultra-modern Camille with all of the picturesque movie settings and props designed by Natacha Rambova reveal the very last word in present day luxury it is said. Also, the gowns worn by the actresses and members of the supporting company are all the product of the combined ingenuity of Miss Rambova. One of the bizarre settings that were designed and will be seen is an almost circular boudoir. The bed, a unique object in the room also is circular. Another original idea was carried out in the designing of the fireplace which resembles a huge bowl.

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