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26 Nov 1925- Townsville Daily Bulletin London Rudolph Valentino Returns

Rudolph Valentino, the famous cinema actor who just arrived from America, was the centre of an extraordinary scenes at a West End Cinema theatre, where he personally attended the occasion of the screening of one of his films. He was surrounded by a seething crowd, mostly women. The police forced them back and the doors had to be locked after the performance. Valentino rather than face the crowd which remained in the street, had to escape over the roof of the theatre.

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16 Apr 1931 NY Gossip

The slinkingly frocked and perfectly turbaned Natacha Rambova is carrying on at her modernistically fronted shop a few steps off Fifth Avenue daily. Her salon is a junkle-jumble of bags, perfume, objects d’art, Indian scarves, antique jewelry, modern costume jewelry, and Persian brocades. She opened it shortly after the passing of Rudolph Valentino and it is a flitter of black glass and chrome. Miss Rambova chief diversion is attending spiritualistic seances and is said to be convinced she has received numerous messages from the film star.

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21 May 1922 – Winifred reaches Chicago

Winifred Hudnut alias Natacha Rambova reached Chicago today, enroute to her secluded home in New York with a pledge of love for Valentino on her lips and tears in her eyes when she heard the latest news of the screen idol. All the way on her trip from Los Angeles she steadily refused to discuss the case, which scores of news reporters who guarded the train at almost every station or who were already on it when it started, but at the last moment when someone suggested her silence might result in misjudgement of Valentino and asked her if she loved him, her lips formed one word “forever”. then she resume her attitude of silence.  Persons on her train said she told them she would “never never leave” Rudolph but planned to return to him one day.  The only time she had real joy on her face was when the porter gave her telegrams from Valentino.

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1926 men admired him.PNG

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15 Apr 1972 – Dorothy Dalton Funeral Service

Funeral services were conducted for former vaudeville and silent film star Dorothy Dalton. Miss Dalton, 78 died at her Scarsdale New York home. She co-starred with William S. Hart and Rudolph Valentino and was the widow of Arthur Hammerstein the uncle of Oscar Hammerstein II. Survivors include a daughter and a grand daughter.

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1916 natacha rambova mother divorce.PNG

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1929 – Agnes Ayres


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7 Nov 1926 – Tax Lien

An income tax lien of $6,490 said to be the amount due to the federal government on Rudolph Valentino’s income for 1924 was filed here yesterday against the estate of Rudolph Valentino, silent film star who died recently.

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Apr 1925 – Schenck Signs Valentino

apr 25.PNG

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1920 – Passions Playground

Mary Grant – Katherine MacDonald

Prince Vanno Dell Robbia – Norm Kerry

Lord Dauntry – Edwin Stevens

Lady Dauntry – Virginia Ainsworth

Prince Angelo Della Robbia – Rudolphe Valentino

Dodo Wardropp – Alice Wilson

James Hanaford – Howard Gaye

Beginners luck favors Mary Grant, the sweet unsophisticated little novice from a convent, the first time playing a roulette wheel at Monte Carlo. And this luck stayed with her and made a fortune, it did not hurt her in the eyes of Prince Vanno, however, it only served to single her out as the victim of a couple of human parasites. That game marked in the beginning of some tragic and romantic experiences in the career of Mary.  Passions Playground was adapted from “The Guests of Hercules” a well-known book on Monte Carlo by C.N. and A.M. Williamson. Katherine MacDonald has never played a more versatile role than does Mary Grant. The stage settings and scenery are also worth of mention in this late picture of Katherine MacDonald’s. The roulette wheels and halls of Conge Carlo as shown in the picture are a replica of the original ones. The gowns worn by beautiful women remind one of costly brilliants in platinum. On the whole, “Passions Playground” is an exquisite production and shows careful direction and study.

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June 1923 – Commediane Has Never Seen Valentino

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