21 May 1922 – Winifred reaches Chicago

Winifred Hudnut alias Natacha Rambova reached Chicago today, enroute to her secluded home in New York with a pledge of love for Valentino on her lips and tears in her eyes when she heard the latest news of the screen idol. All the way on her trip from Los Angeles she steadily refused to discuss the case, which scores of news reporters who guarded the train at almost every station or who were already on it when it started, but at the last moment when someone suggested her silence might result in misjudgement of Valentino and asked her if she loved him, her lips formed one word “forever”. then she resume her attitude of silence.  Persons on her train said she told them she would “never never leave” Rudolph but planned to return to him one day.  The only time she had real joy on her face was when the porter gave her telegrams from Valentino.

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