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7 Jun 1925 – Concerned

No Dear Reader, Clara Bow is not making faces at Mrs. Rudolph Valentino next door. Miss Bow was busy working at FBO and merely pouted a bit when asked to pose. But when she saw it, she exclaimed “Isn’t that too cute for words” Not the puckering lips and bohemian bob. Delightful

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5 May 1923 – Mineralava Contest Fitchburg, MA

5 May 1923 Mineralava Contest Fitchburg, MA.PNG

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7 May 1926 – How Rudy Celebrated His Birthday

A dinner at the home of Pola Negri, in Beverly Hills, was held in honor of Rudolph Valentino’s birthday. On being questioned as to what birthday it would be Rudy sagely remarked that he would be just one year older than he was last year, and it is not a matter to be laughed about. Pola has not yet left for that love test separation, her last reason being that the rate of exchange abroad, or her health, or the health of Madame Eleanora Chalupez, Pola’s mother had suddenly determined the actress to cancel her sailing arrangements a week ago. Rudy meanwhile, is staying up nights reading stories to find one for his next picture. He is considering a Spanish story.

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Falcon Lair Furniture – 19th Century Italian Iron & Bronze Items Adirons



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Falcon Lair Furniture

Iron & Bronze settee designed in hammered iron with RV initials. This exquisite piece belonged to Rudolph Valentino. Upon his death, it was  owned by Doris Duke, and then purchased by Rock Hudson’s designer for the late actor’s home.

settee from RB.PNG

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2 May 1919


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01 May 1947 – Current Teen-ager is Valentino Fan

Gay Nelson, 18 year old beauty is now making her film debut has become a Rudolph Valentino fan, for she thinks he was swoonier than Frank Sinatra is. Gay, who is playing the ingénue lead at Columbia Pictures in “Millies Daughter” recently picked up a phonograph record at second hand shop of Valentino singing “The Kashmiri Love Song”. Now Gay and her debutante friends are trying their best to meet someone who owns a print of “The Sheik” in order to see what their hero looked like in action.


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