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2 May 1919


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13 Dec 1918 – Joe Maxwell Makes Film

Joe Maxwell known in theatrical circles as a prolific author of vaudeville sketches has turned photoplay producer and is launching his first picture under the brand Maxwell Productions.  He has staged a story by Hayden Talbot, which may be described as a society thriller and which is said to contain a unique domestic plot.  The title “The Married Virgin” applies to a complication which by an odd twist develops a happy ending for the drama. Mr. Maxwell made the picture in Los Angeles and believes he has a very fine production.  A quintet of screen favorites take the principal characters.  They are Kathleen Kirkham, Vera Sisson, Rudolpho di Valentina, Edward Jobson and Frank Newkirk. “The Married Virgin” is seven reels will be released through General Film Company.

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