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05 Jun 1922 – Nazimova Not Fugitive

Silent Film Actress Nazimova denied today she was a fugitive from California where she was wanted as a state witness in the trial of Rudolph Valentino who was charged with bigamy.  The actress was enroute to New York, said she had not tried to evade service of subpoena in Los Angeles.  “I delayed my trip by two weeks in order to give authorities a chance to serve me she said, then I left”.   Nazimova accompanied Valentino to Mexicali where he married Winifred Hudnut.

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5 May 1923 – Mineralava Contest Fitchburg, MA

5 May 1923 Mineralava Contest Fitchburg, MA.PNG

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Falcon Lair Furniture – 19th Century Italian Iron & Bronze Items Adirons



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Falcon Lair Furniture

Iron & Bronze settee designed in hammered iron with RV initials. This exquisite piece belonged to Rudolph Valentino. Upon his death, it was  owned by Doris Duke, and then purchased by Rock Hudson’s designer for the late actor’s home.

settee from RB.PNG

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2 May 1919


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01 May 1947 – Current Teen-ager is Valentino Fan

Gay Nelson, 18 year old beauty is now making her film debut has become a Rudolph Valentino fan, for she thinks he was swoonier than Frank Sinatra is. Gay, who is playing the ingénue lead at Columbia Pictures in “Millies Daughter” recently picked up a phonograph record at second hand shop of Valentino singing “The Kashmiri Love Song”. Now Gay and her debutante friends are trying their best to meet someone who owns a print of “The Sheik” in order to see what their hero looked like in action.


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16 Aug 1923 – Valentino on Vacation


The foreign stars of the cinema, one after the other, come to France. Douglas Fairbanks and his wife Mary Pickford, and for ‘England the blonde’ Pearl White have already come smiling in the flesh to the enthusiasm of the crowds – under the Parisian sky.  Yesterday, in its turn, a new star descended from the clouds, Rudolph Valentino, Prince Charming of the cinema and his charming wife Natacha Rambova.  All of the famous silent film stars are in Paris. Mr. Valentino is having some rest before going back to New York to finish filming and judging an American Beauty Contest. The adoring crowds designated him as the most handsome man, was celebrating with his equally famous friends. The evening, in fact, a grand-banquet was setup for his party in the hotel. An international star, much more than American, Rudolpho  Gugliemi was born in Castellaneta, and is actually called Rudolph Valentino. Eight years he went to America, started living a real movie; episodes by turns dramatic or triumphant. Dancer, then screen artist, he knows about Americans – and especially American cars – a vogue almost eclipses that of trolleys. Thus, after very romantic difficulties, he married, two years ago, the daughter of the perfume king, Mr. Richard Hudnut who goes by the name of Natacha Rambova.  The photo taken shows Valentino, followed by his wife getting off the plane, at, Bourget. The arriving party will be going to Paris.  Mr. Jacques Hébertot, Director theater of the Champs-Elysées, which is in Paris, France, in charge of his interests, has engaged him.

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10 Sep 1924 – Valentino on Vacation

Rudolph Valentino will come to make his own pictures. In the meantime, a copy of the first cut print of “A Sainted Devil” made for Paramount, will be forwarded to Rudolph Valentino at Juan Les Pins, Antibes, France.  Mr. Valentino sailed the day following completion of his work in the production at the Paramount Long Island Studio, has not seen the completed picture which was filmed under the direction of Joseph Henabery.  The picture is now being cut and edited under the supervision of director and E. Lloyd Sheldon a supervising editor, and when the work is finished at the end of week, a print of the completed film will be forwarded to France where the star is spending a short vacation.

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21 Aug 1925 – Mash Notes to Sheik Cause Wife to Leave

This author is not buying the excuse, Mrs. Rudolph Valentino is giving the press these days. “I won’t sit waiting for a husband who goes on lot at 5:00 a.m. and gets home at midnight and gets mails from girls in Oshkosh and Kalamazoo” and trying to look disappointed, reproachful and hurt while giving a press statement. Seems Mrs. Valentino is not good at fibbing and confessed the marital vacation is in reality a separation.  George Ullman, Mrs. Valentino’s personal representative was with her today in charge of negotiations. He is not, her lawyer, and she could not conveniently remember her lawyers address. Ullman admitted he was open to the charge of alienating Mrs. Valentino’s artistic affections.

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