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12 May 1922


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11 May 1922 – Special Studio Announcement

The movie studios decided the fans should be told that Rudolph Valentino was soon to marry Natacha Rambova.  To the public at large Miss Rambova was revealed as Winifred Hudnut stepdaughter of Richard Hudnut millionaire cosmetics manufacturer.  The dashing Valentino and the beautiful aloof and suddenly rich Rambova seemed like a prince and princess in a fairy story.  Every effort was made to sharpen this impression.  Valentino was suddenly endowed with a degree, Doctor of Agriculture. His deceased father was even elevated from village veterinary to head of an excellent old Italian family.  Reporters flocked to Paramount Studios and the mystery of Natacha Rambova had always intrigued them and the revelations that she was the authentic and beloved stepdaughter of a multimillionaire was real news. Not even Valentino had known who she really was; he had first learned of Natacha exalted background from the newspapers. Nevertheless, he was overjoyed and believed himself the most blessed of men. He was going to marry a beautiful and brilliant woman whom he admired and adored and since he was now earning more that $50,000 a year, he didn’t need her money.  However, it should be noted that Valentino should be careful on his spending habits since it’s a well-known fact he wants a family.

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valentino estate1930.JPG

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30 Apr 1926 – Storm Destroys Valentino Camp in Sandhills

Cloudburst and tornado struck the Valentino desert movie camp about eight o’clock Wednesday and completely wrecked it. James Townsend, production manager, was struck on the head by a flying timber and believed to be seriously injuried. He was brought to Yuma late last night, as were 25 workers who were breaking camp following the departure of Rudolph Valentino, Bull Montana, and 125 others for Los Angeles on Tuesday. A big water tank was blown a mile down the valley by the and 20-foot lengths of iron pipe were blown about like straws. Every tent and building was razed except the big dining tent, and the workers lost all personal efexcept what they had on their ‘ ick. From six inches to a foot of •toater ran where water is seldom seen, and the strength of a dozen men was required to keep from blowing away a large automobile with all brakes set. The storm was described by oldtimers as something unequalled within the memory of man in that district. The roads between Yuma and the dunes were flooded for the third time this soring and made well-nigh impassable.

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28 Apr 1926 – Valentino on Location in Yuma

Befitting a desert habitation of a real ‘Son of a Sheik’ is the tent house built for Rudolph Valentino, First National star, who has arrived on location, to take the desert scenes for his latest picture. Although the celebrated movie star has a room at his disposal all the time at the Arizona hotel, most of his time will be spent at the location camp, which is fitted up with every necessity for him and his attendants. The latest movie city is not a large one but is a very neat and (comfortable camp and is (easily accessible from the highway. The actors who will take part in the scenes arrived on a special train that was switched off at Ogelby. They were transported from there to the camp.

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Apr 2021 – This Month on Patreon Rudolph Valentino 1928

For Patreon Supporters – This month we are going to talk about Rudolph Valentino in 1928. 

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The article in this blog post was recently sent to me by the son of Juan Duval.

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1924 – Rudolf Valentino Painting



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15 Mar 1925 – Valentino/Williams Split Report Described a “Nothing Startling”

Unconfirmed reports emanating from Los Angeles that Rudolph Valentino and J.D. Williams had split, that Valentino would probably join United Artists and that the staff preparing the next picture had been dismissed were referred to Ritz Carlton Pictures by Moving Picture World Magazine just before this issue went to press.  In the absence of Williams and his publicity director Bill Yearsley, both of whom are on the cost the President’s secretary made known the following telegrams received 4 March from Yearsley.  It follows:

“Nothing startling has happened herre. We have simply closed down between pictures in order to complete preparation for the “Hooded Falcon” which is to be a big expensive picture”.

Charles Moyer, publicity director for United Artis said that the New York office knew nothing at this time about said report.

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Elinor Glyn returns to Lasky Studios from England and meets Rudolph Valentino who is the her of her latest story “Beyond the Rocks”. (1922)

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6 Mar 1926 – Valentino-Negri Match Not a business arrangement

The “Times” says that Pola Negri, the film star, has announced that she will marry Rudolph Valentino, after four months’ separation test, if their love remains the same. Pola Negrl declined to call the arrangement an ordinary engagement, because it “sounds like a business arrangement.”
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Feb 1922 – Letter to Editor

Dearest Editor,

As an old reader from your publication, I am herewith taking the wonderful opportunity to say something on the subject concerning some of my favourite actors and actresses.  I would like to take a moment to congratulate the movie industry for the great progress and better pictures made during this past year which is due to the fact of the new types being introduced to the public.  Rudolph Valentino, Colleen Moore, Glen Hunter, Richard Dix, and scores of others responsible for cleaner and better pictures.  I predict in the future this might change but for now I remain a fan and wishing all success.

Very Truly, Blanche Kate, NY

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12 Feb 1927 – Valentino is a Russian Hero

Will Rudolph Valentino do for the Russian what he did for the Latin? Meaning, will he make us thing of the romantic male when a Russian is mentioned? Ever since Rudy glided through “The Four Horsemen” and cut a great big niche for himself in the cinema hall of fame we have thought of Spaniards and Argentinians whenever the discussion led to heart flutters. We even think of “sheiks” as being of Latin persuasion. All of which speculation is due to the fact Valentino is appearing as a Russian in “The Eagle,” a glamorous film showing at the Liberty theater Sunday and Monday. Vilma Hanky, famous Hungarian beauty, plays opposite the star. Louise Dresser, noted stage and vaudeville star for years, has a featured role as the Czarina.

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Feb 1922 – On the Camera Coast

There were more world potenates at the opening of Marcus Lowe’s new movie theater in Los Angeles than there were at the disarmament conference in Washington. Some people may have heard of Marshal Foch but they would break their necks to see him the way they did to behold Gloria Swanson in person.  The interior of the theater is by far the most beautiful piece of architecture in Los Angeles. It is of Spanish renaissance, the chief decorator being the users who wear mantillas and high combs. I thought them more beautiful than the movie stars, but of course everyone to his own taste. Fred Niblo was master of ceremonies and he may not be so famous as Foch but I’ll say he is just as brave.  Rudolph Valentino did not show because he is refusing to make personal appearances. Gloria Swanson made a bow from her orchestra seat and the spotlight fell on Constance Talmadge who arose and smiled about a thousand dollars worth.  Movie players Betty Compson, Anita Sterwart, Viola Dane, Alice Lake, Tom Mix, Harold Lloyd, Wesley Barry, Jackie Coogan, Doris May, May McAvoy, Bustor Keaton when introduced all took their respective bows.  The show was late in starting and the night was magical and no one disappointed except the one who refused to show up in support.

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3 Feb 1926 – Hollywood is Laughing at Pola on trip to New Mexico

Hollywood is enjoying a laugh at the expense of Pola Negri in connection with a sudden trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, on ‘‘oil business.” The film star, it was told by friends, was meeting Rudolph Valentino studio officials, on learning of the trip, wired to return immediately to avoid a publicity scandal. When she arrived in Albuquerque, she was greeted by a dozen reporters and informed there was no oil there. She started back to Hollywood. Upon his arrival here on his way to California, Rudolph Valentino denied he was engaged to Pola Negri and knew nothing about her trip to New Mexico. Valentino asserted he did not know Miss Negri intimately. Pola arrived at Albuquerque at midnight for business reasons, she said, and left at once. The incident gave rise to rumors that the two were to meet and be married.

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28 Jan 1924 -Carmel Myers


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27 Jan 1926


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25 Jan 1922 – Hollywood Invites Sarah Earnhardt to 10th Anniversary

Hollywood has invited Madame Sarah Earnhardt to attend the tenth anniversary of the birth of the feature motion picture. The following cablegram has been filed to the famous actress at her home in Paris: “We, as representatives of American motion picture art, invite you to visit America to be honor guest In nationwide celebration of tenth birthday of feature motion picture. This invitation is in recogniton of tact that you were frst as you have been greatest artist to lend your genius to establish motion picture as art. “Your example ten years ago in creating ‘Queen Elizabeth,’ first feature picture, gave this new art impetus which has carried it it Us position’ as most important entertainment of world. Your appearance in ‘Queen Elizabeth’was inspiration to motion pictures as your appearance on speaking stage always has been inspiration to drama.” The cablegram bore the following signatures of Hollywood Elite: William DeMille. chairman; Rex Ingram, Wallace Reid. Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, Anita Stewart, George Melford, Douglas Fairbanks, Agnes Ayres, Guy Bates Post, William S. Hart, Penrhyn Stanlaws, Maurice Tourneur, Elinor Glyn, Betty Compact;, Norman Talmadge, Dorothy Dalton, .William D. Taylor, Constance Talmadge, Jack Holt, Theodore Kosloft, Douglas Mac Lean, Clayton Hamilton, Mary Miles Minter, Clara Beranger, Bebe Daniels, Buster Keaton, May McAvoy, Constance Binney, * Pauline Frederick, Theodore Roberts, John M. Stahl, Thomas Meighan, Charles Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Richard Walton, Tully, and June Mathis.

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1922 – Big Bear Lake


This article talks about a favorite destination of the rich and famous. The connection to Rudolph Valentino is in 1926 he took Pola Negri here and stayed overnight in one of the cabins.

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