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Apr 2021 – This Month on Patreon Rudolph Valentino 1928

For Patreon Supporters – This month we are going to talk about Rudolph Valentino in 1928. 

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2 May 1926 Valentino has a Cold

On account of the cold with which Rudolph Valentino has been suffering for the last few weeks, he has hardly been able to talk and has practically had to halt work on his new picture “The Son of the Sheik”.


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1926 – Did Rudy die because of a fall?

June Knight said dancing led to my future work and my first tragedy. I was only twelve when I started to work in a prologue at the Million Dollar Theater, Los Angeles. I’ll never forget that Engagement because Rudolph Valentino was appearing there in connection with his picture “Son of the Sheik”. It was there that he had an accident that many claim was really responsible for His death. We were all on the stage, and Valentino started to go down the narrow stairs at the Edge of the stage. He lost his balance, half-turned, and fell into the
orchestra, right on top of the Big bass violin. I was one of the first to reach him. The sharp top of the big violin had 
pierced his Side. I helped pick him up and he quietly thanked me for my assistance. But I could tell that he still did not feel right and I quietly suggested he go to see a local doctor. But, Mr. Valentino was adamant he was fine.

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