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Blood & Sand Former Valentino Movie Co-Star

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16 April 1922 – Has Chuletas

Chuletas? Yep Rudolph Valentino’s got em. There not a new variety of smallpox or anything contagious. However, just very fancy sideburns that are a feature of the stars get-up as the bull-fight hero of “Blood and Sand”.  They’re super-sideburns one might say, swooping almost half an inch below the bottom of the ear, They are a sign distinguishing the champion matador from the less notable of the bull-fighting clan.  For where a banderilla or a picador is allowed sideburns that slip gingerly halfway down to the ear it is the matador alone who may indulge in the luxury of a hirasute adornment covering a good portion of each side of the face.  While they are a valuable and finishing touch-up to his makeup as the main character. Valentino is not in favor of “chuletas” as a regular thing. His favorite safety is all set to do telling damage when the end of the picture allows a return to the normalcy of a clean shave

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14 Jan 1922


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10 Sep 1930 – Rudolph Valentino Converting films into talkies

Rudolph Valentino fans are up in arms at the proposal to convert his films into talkies. The proposal was made by M. Paul Roger a Paris acoustic expert, who plans to take “Blood and Sand” and fit the living voice to the lip movements of the dead star. He says this would create the illusion that Valentino was speaking. Admirers, however, who still number millions are determined to prevent what they describe as sacrilege and an insult to his memory. They could not endure al alien voice masquerading as part of his magnetic personality.

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