7 May 1922 -Valentino’s Hair Dressed Every Day for New Picture

It’s a tough life they lead—these men motion picture stars. But up until now they haven’t had to worry over the feminine problem of elaborate coiffures—and hairdressers. Rudolph Valentino, however, is having even this added to his list of troubles. For in ‘‘Blood and Sand,” his next Paramount picture, he plays the part of a Spanish full-fighter and all bull-fighters wear a “pigtail” that is at once the pride and bane of their existence. So every morning at the Lasky studio finds Valentino submitting to the ministrations of Hattie, the hairdresser who has been responsible for the coiffures of such noted screen beauties as Gloria Swanson, Betty Compson, Bebe Daniels, Agnes Ayres, et. al. Of course, the star had to let his hair grow very long in order to make the braid possible. Also, bullfighters have long, luxuriant sideburns and more proving that it’s a great life —this being a motion picture star.

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