16 April 1922 – Has Chuletas

Chuletas? Yep Rudolph Valentino’s got em. There not a new variety of smallpox or anything contagious. However, just very fancy sideburns that are a feature of the stars get-up as the bull-fight hero of “Blood and Sand”.  They’re super-sideburns one might say, swooping almost half an inch below the bottom of the ear, They are a sign distinguishing the champion matador from the less notable of the bull-fighting clan.  For where a banderilla or a picador is allowed sideburns that slip gingerly halfway down to the ear it is the matador alone who may indulge in the luxury of a hirasute adornment covering a good portion of each side of the face.  While they are a valuable and finishing touch-up to his makeup as the main character. Valentino is not in favor of “chuletas” as a regular thing. His favorite safety is all set to do telling damage when the end of the picture allows a return to the normalcy of a clean shave

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