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25 Aug 1926 – The Late Rudolph Valentino’s Host Quits Hospital Secretly

At 1735 yesterday, a tall slim stooping figure in a turned down college boy hat slipped out of the rear door of the Harbor Sanitarium, 667 Madison Ave.  The figure held an animated conversation in the alley with a person who later turned out to be his valet.  Then the figure darted nervously into a 15 and 5 taxicab and was whisked away.  Thus, Barclay Warburton Jr, host to Rudolph Valentino at that mysterious party, leave the sanitarium where he underwent an operation only a few days after that of his famous guest. Everyone at the Harbor from the superintendent to the doorman tried to keep Warburton’s departure a secret. The young society man plainly looked ill as he left.  Meanwhile Broadway, astir with reports about Rudy’s illness was still wondering about the speedy retirement of his host.  After giving out a statement that there was no party at his apartment 925 Park Ave a story contradicted by at least one guest apartment owner Warburton has frantically dodged questioners.  Warburton’s story told immediately after Valentino was taken to the hospital, was that Rudy was taken ill at the Ambassador Hotel and not after the party at Warburton’s.  Harry Richman of the cast of George White’s scandals, said Rudy, Warburton, and himself, accompanied by three women, went to Warburton’s apartment. “We had some drinks, music and dancing” Richman said, until about 1:30, when Rudy was taken violently ill and was rushed to his apartment at the Ambassador. While his death mystery deepens Rudy lay in peace yesterday in the gorgeous gold room at Campbell Funeral Home.

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14 Aug 1926 – Valentino Last Party


Built in 1907, 925 Park Avenue was the scene of the last party Rudolph Valentino would ever attend.  The evening of 14 Aug 1926, Rudolph Valentino went to see George White’s “Scandals” at the Apollo Theater, W.42nd St and with him was Barclay Warburton a young stockbroker. After the performance, both went backstage to visit Harry Richman. Somebody asked Valentino, Warburton, and Richman to join a party that was in progress at actress Lenore Ulric uptown apartment. Supposedly Valentino begged off attending saying he had indigestion.  Warburton suggested Valentino and a few others accompany him to his apartment at 925 Park Ave. At the party, were Richman, Francis Williams, and according to newspaper account “a dark-haired dashing young matron” escorted by Valentino and another young woman from the Scandals cast.  That young woman may have been Marion Benda.  Later she claimed she was in the Warburton party. Warburton served a late super and the party was still going strong at 2:00 a.m. Sunday 15 Aug 1926 when Valentino collapsed.  The actor was taken in Warburton’s car to his hotel and a local physician Dr. Paul Durham was called and after a night of pain, Valentino was taken to Polyclinic Hospital, W. 50th Street, New York City where he would later die from medical complications.

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13 Sep 1926 – Conspiracy Theory

Saw Barclay Warburton, Jr. whose name would mean nothing to you had he not been the host of the party whereat Rudolph Valentino felt ill.. And since young Warburton himself went to the hospital soon thereafter, there was much loud whispering in a New York Tabloid concerning bad liquor. Concerning which I know naught but rumor…I think

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