1920 – Passions Playground

Mary Grant – Katherine MacDonald

Prince Vanno Dell Robbia – Norm Kerry

Lord Dauntry – Edwin Stevens

Lady Dauntry – Virginia Ainsworth

Prince Angelo Della Robbia – Rudolphe Valentino

Dodo Wardropp – Alice Wilson

James Hanaford – Howard Gaye

Beginners luck favors Mary Grant, the sweet unsophisticated little novice from a convent, the first time playing a roulette wheel at Monte Carlo. And this luck stayed with her and made a fortune, it did not hurt her in the eyes of Prince Vanno, however, it only served to single her out as the victim of a couple of human parasites. That game marked in the beginning of some tragic and romantic experiences in the career of Mary.  Passions Playground was adapted from “The Guests of Hercules” a well-known book on Monte Carlo by C.N. and A.M. Williamson. Katherine MacDonald has never played a more versatile role than does Mary Grant. The stage settings and scenery are also worth of mention in this late picture of Katherine MacDonald’s. The roulette wheels and halls of Conge Carlo as shown in the picture are a replica of the original ones. The gowns worn by beautiful women remind one of costly brilliants in platinum. On the whole, “Passions Playground” is an exquisite production and shows careful direction and study.

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