6 Jan 1924 – There is a reason why prize beauty’s fail

What have the fates in store for 15-year-old Miss Norma Niblock, the Canadian girl, who won the recent National Beauty Contest, Madison Square Garden, New York City.?  Will she meet with the same disappointments, disillusionment and disasters that have come to the winners of other beauty contests or will she prove an exception to the rule that prize-winning beauties are cursed with a jinx. Here is a young woman who has been crowned as the first beauty of the land. Never less a personage than the Sheik of Sheiks Rudolph Valentino selected her from amongst 88 prize winners from as many American and Canadian cities.  In addition, to a crown she has a contract to appear in the movies with the mud-massage star.  Will she go the way of Agnes Souret, “La Plus Belle Femme De France” who is now a humble chorus girl in a music hall in which she was starred after winning the greatest beauty contest ever held in France? Will she experience the fate of Margaret Leahy “the most beautiful girl in England”, who was given a movie contract in Hollywood and is now suing Joseph Schenck for $50,000 because she was not starred? Will she return home to her parents like Mary Katherine Campbell, twice winner of national beauty contests in Atlantic City, New Jersey has done after failing to make an impression as a vaudeville actress? The experience and failure of these three famous prize beauties winners of the biggest and most extensively advertised beauty contests held on both sides of the Atlantic do not bode well for Miss Niblocks future. But perhaps she may escape the jinx. At any rate, she has a 3 year contract with the company that arranged the beauty contest and she will at least be used as advertising copy.

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