25 Jan 1922 – Hollywood Invites Sarah Earnhardt to 10th Anniversary

Hollywood has invited Madame Sarah Earnhardt to attend the tenth anniversary of the birth of the feature motion picture. The following cablegram has been filed to the famous actress at her home in Paris: “We, as representatives of American motion picture art, invite you to visit America to be honor guest In nationwide celebration of tenth birthday of feature motion picture. This invitation is in recogniton of tact that you were frst as you have been greatest artist to lend your genius to establish motion picture as art. “Your example ten years ago in creating ‘Queen Elizabeth,’ first feature picture, gave this new art impetus which has carried it it Us position’ as most important entertainment of world. Your appearance in ‘Queen Elizabeth’was inspiration to motion pictures as your appearance on speaking stage always has been inspiration to drama.” The cablegram bore the following signatures of Hollywood Elite: William DeMille. chairman; Rex Ingram, Wallace Reid. Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, Anita Stewart, George Melford, Douglas Fairbanks, Agnes Ayres, Guy Bates Post, William S. Hart, Penrhyn Stanlaws, Maurice Tourneur, Elinor Glyn, Betty Compact;, Norman Talmadge, Dorothy Dalton, .William D. Taylor, Constance Talmadge, Jack Holt, Theodore Kosloft, Douglas Mac Lean, Clayton Hamilton, Mary Miles Minter, Clara Beranger, Bebe Daniels, Buster Keaton, May McAvoy, Constance Binney, * Pauline Frederick, Theodore Roberts, John M. Stahl, Thomas Meighan, Charles Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Richard Walton, Tully, and June Mathis.

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