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26 Feb 1918 – Vaudeville Stars


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29 Jun 1917 – Theo’s in Town

Theodore Kosloff. a graduate dancer from Petrograd and Moscow imperial ballet schools, formerly a member of Serge de Daighlleff’s famous Ballet Russq and latterly at the head of a miniature Ballet Kusse which came to Los Angelos last winter on the Orpheum circuit, has become so enamored of California and the movies that he has joined the local colony of artists. He is working in conjunction with Cecil de Mille at the Lasky studios at Holly Wood. With Vera Fredowa and lover Natacha Rambova,

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1920 – 14th Census of the U.S.

1920 census.PNG

In 1920, the 14th Census of the U.S. was conducted and it shows Natacha was living with Theodore Kostloff and Vera Fredova.

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26 Dec 1917 – Vera Fredowa

23 dec 1917 vera fredowa article.PNG

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