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5 May 1919 – Miss Shaughnessy Here

Miss Winifred Shaughnessy a former Salt Lake City girl, daughter of the late COL Shaughnessy, will appear this week at the Orpheum Theater with the Theodore Kosloff Company Russian dancers.  When the company came here in October 1917, Miss Shaughnessy appearance caused considerable interest in the city as a short time before her mysterious disappearance from New York had attracted national attention. She left the city, however without offering any reason for the mystery story, thereby increasing the interest of the local press.

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26 Feb 1918 – Vaudeville Stars


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Oct 1916 -Kosloff Withdraws Lawsuit

The lawsuit which Theodore Kosloff, dancer, teacher brought against former student, Winifred de Wolfe for $2,037 has been discontinued at his own request.  The money was claimed for lessons given in Russian dancing to Mrs. Kimball daughter who is at present appearing with Kosloff in one of his acts.

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29 Jun 1917 – Theo’s in Town

Theodore Kosloff. a graduate dancer from Petrograd and Moscow imperial ballet schools, formerly a member of Serge de Daighlleff’s famous Ballet Russq and latterly at the head of a miniature Ballet Kusse which came to Los Angelos last winter on the Orpheum circuit, has become so enamored of California and the movies that he has joined the local colony of artists. He is working in conjunction with Cecil de Mille at the Lasky studios at Holly Wood. With Vera Fredowa and lover Natacha Rambova,

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Kostloff n Natacha.PNG

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1920 – 14th Census of the U.S.

1920 census.PNG

In 1920, the 14th Census of the U.S. was conducted and it shows Natacha was living with Theodore Kostloff and Vera Fredova.

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22 May 1922 Valentino’s Bride Declared Former Dancer Who Disappeared in 1916

On reaching Chicago, from escaping the madness she was forced to leave behind when she married Rudolph Valentino in Mexico.  It was revealed by her friends that until her marriage she was Winifred de Wolfe daughter of Mrs. Edgar de Wolfe and niece of Elsie de Wolfe, well known interior decorator.  This discovery recalled the fact a world-wide search was being made for her in 1916, when she suddenly disappeared from New York.  Two Senators and a Russian Ambassador participated in the search. She refused to discuss this disappearance when asked about it tonight. Neither would she say anything about her relationship with a married Theodore Kosloff, Russian dancer with whom she was found as a dancer going by another name of Vera Fredov.  In 1916, she left her home and told her mother the married Kosloff was the only person in the world who could develop her talents. After months of searching she was found with his troupe in Chicago. Later on, Kosloff declared “Miss De Wolfe came to my studio in New York. She wanted to dance the Russian dance. She was not like those other girls who would come to be thinking I could help them. “Altogether she is the same as a blue diamond. Her family did not want her to go on the stage, but it is her life not theirs.  Some girls dance and sing but never have I seen such a clever girl as she to get what she wanted.   I prepared to give her a chance on the stage.  She designed and sewed costumes and did whatever I asked she was dedicated.

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1924 – Superstitious Movie Folk

Agnes Ayres does not like to have anybody sing in her dressing room.  But her chief faith in luck is bound up in a wonderful Columbia Clock which has been in her family for years.  It is a marvelous mechanism, being made entirely of wood and although of a great age is still running.  Miss Ayres firmly believes that her success depends upon the possession of this clock, and so carefully, does she guard the treasure she will not even allow it to be photographed.  Her movie colleague, Rudolph Valentino has declared to friends he has no superstitions.  But one might wonder why he waited until 14 March to be married to the delightful Natacha Rambova when he could of done so on the 13th as well.  Perhaps the fascinating Mrs. Valentino objects to the fatal number.  Who knows might be because his first wedding ceremony took place on 13 May. Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. has no faith in crystals or superstitions. Gloria Swanson loves black cats and so tender was her care of the original two pets of the Lasky Studio they sent for all their friends, in-laws, and descendants until 327 cats now live on the lot.  This is lucky for the butcher and the cats.  Theodore Kostloff treasures a pre-war ten rouble gold piece, now worth $2 million in paper money.  Bebe Daniels grandmother has a wonderful collection of dolls and few people know this is a direct result of Bebes belief that good luck follows the purchase of a new doll.  Lila Lee is very superstitious about the beginning day of a new film.  If she leaves her home in the morning, forgetting something important, she will not turn back herself, but send a messenger after she reaches the studio.

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21 June 1917 – Theodore Kostloff in CA

Theodore Kosloff. a graduate dancer from Petrograd and Moscow imperial ballet schools, formerly a member of Serge de Daighlleff’s famous Ballet Russq and latterly at the head of a miniature Ballet Kusse which came to Los Angelos last winter on the Orpheum circuit, has become so enamored of California and the movies that he has Joined the local colony of artists. He is working in conjunction with Cecil de Mille at the Lasky studios at Hollywood.  Vera Fredowa, Natacha Rambova, Alexandre Ivanoff and other dancers of the Russian group seen here last winter also have taken quarters in this city on St. Paul street.

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Mar 1916 – Famous Russian Dancer Theodore Kosloff Sues Mrs. de Wolfe

Mrs. Winifred de Wolfe was sued for approximately $2,000 which he said is due him in payment for dance lessons and gowns furnished her daughter. Mr. George Battle, the de Wolfe attorney said that Miss de Wolfe told her mother that is she would pay the claim she would not see Kosloff anymore, but Mrs. de Wolfe remained adamant because she contended the claim was unjust.


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10 Jun 1916 – Roses Tossed to Russian Dancer Bear the Name of Missing Heiress Winifred de Wolfe

A flock of detectives took up the trail today of Miss de Wolfe the missing San Francisco heiress While a frantic mother accused dancer Theodore Kosloff, of using hypnotism on his pupil. Just at the end of Kosloff’s act at a local theater this afternoon a huge bouquet of American Beauty roses was tossed across the footlights by an attendant. It was tied with a big black bow of material that looked like undertakers crepe. Kosloff picked up the bouquet and pricked his fingers on the thorns. Blood sprinkled on the attached card on which was inscribed in her own handwriting “Winifred de Wolfe”. Investigation as to the source of the bouquet proved futile. The girl’s relatives however are certain now that she is alive. Kosloff declared this was the message he had vaguely expected and consented to issue his long-promised statement. “I hope” he said, “that when Miss de Wolfe reads the statements about Kosloff made to the newspaper by her mother she will immediately if she is alive, send a denial to the newspapers. That’s why for the time I have refrained from speaking on the subject. I consider Winifred de Wolfe what in my language would be called a saint, and only her great love for art, which is almost fanatical, would compel, her to leave her mother, her home, relatives and friends”. Winifred de Wolfe, has been missing since 26 April. The Russian Ambassador, Senator James O’Gorman, and Secret Service men have at various times joined in the search for her. Miss de Wolfe is the niece of famous NY Interior Designer Elsie De Wolfe.

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1922 – Bride of Mystery

Winifred Hudnut. daughter of Richard Hudnut. the perfume magnate, was his choice. She was a girl of mystery, for it was not known generally that the Hudnut’s had a daughter. The girl had appeared in the films as Natacha Rambova, a protégé of Nazimova, in whose company Valentino had been featured. They were wed In Mexicali, Mexico, at a party, with the municipal band and a reception by the local government. Then came a crash that quite drowned the sonorous music, for it was learned that Rodolph’s divorce would not be permanent until next January and he was promptly arrested for bigamy and jailed when he returned to Los Angeles. Friends supplied bail and he was finally extricated but legally declared unwed.  He was freed only on condition that he restrain himself and live apart from his quasi-wife until the decree became permanent and this he promised. Meanwhile, Miss Hudnut’s history was investigated and It came out that she was merely an adopted daughter of the Hudnuts; that she was really Winifred De Wolfe, a relative of Elsie De Wolfe, and that she had mysteriously disappeared eight years ago, to be discovered in the company of Theodore Kosloff, the Russian dancer, under the name of Vera Fredow.  The bridegroom remained in Los Angeles, the bride hastened to New York and Jean Acker, near-wife, laughed generously, and said “My marriage was a romantic tragedy of the silver screen. Our happiness has been shattered, but I still admire Rodolph. I can’t say that I love him, but he Is a wonderful actor. He and Miss Hudnut have my sympathy and I bear them no malice. As for me I’m trying to forget.” But Valentino assorted proudly last week that Winifred Hudnut would be his forever despite the law, and he added “I’m going to Paris In March, when I have my final decree of divorce. My wife? If she is my wife will leave New York with her parents for Nice soon. When we meet again. It will be in Paris, and we will be married. “Then we will get married in every State of the Union, if necessary. After that, we will settle down in Hollywood in the home that I have provided for my bride the home that she has never occupied. Of course, my wife will continue with her art work. She has designed many of the costumes in my recent pictures. A woman has the right to a career outside of marriage but she cannot devote herself to a career and to marriage  successfully and at the same time.” And In the meantime, Hollywood Is awaiting the sound of the next marital cataclysm in its midst for there always seems to be one ready for the spark that precedes the explosion.

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Apr 1921 – A Woman of Many Talents

Mademosielle Natacha Rambova formerly a Russian Ballet Dancer although not a real Russian has forsaken the footlights to assist Nazimova in the designing of sets and costumes for her forthcoming productions which will include “Camille” and “Aphrodite” She was formerly with Theodore Kosloff as a dancer, designer and mistress and is employing bizarre and futuristic ideas in obtaining the effects which are necessary for Nazimova’s exotic personality.

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1917- 1939 The Romantic Life of Natacha Rambova

When conducting research for this article, I found there is still a great deal of undiscovered information that exists on Natacha Rambova. After all these years, there seems to be certain elements out there that do not want or like bringing things she has done in her past to light. Of course, this causes me to wonder what more intrigue is out there that she caused. Through reading what I can find on the Internet we all know she was not a people person. But a woman who knew what she wanted and went after it. One major discovery I noticed was Natacha was attracted to a certain type of man. Looking at pictures of Theodore Kosloff, Rudolph Valentino, Svetoslav Roerich, and Alvaro de Urzdiz all former lovers or husbands they all do seem to have similar features in face and temperament.

In 1917, the first relationship of Natacha Rambova was when she 18 years old. Natacha while studying ballet pursued her dance instructor. Theodore Kosloff, 32 years old, married and with a child. Eventually, she would discover that what started out as a grand passion one of mutual similarities the relationship was not what she thought it would be. Theodore Kosloff used Natacha’s talent as a designer and took credit for her designs. This was an abusive relationship from beginning to end.

In 1921, Natacha met her next relationship Rudolph Valentino who eventually became her first husband while working on the movie set of Unchartered Seas. From the beginning of this relationship until the very end Natacha assumed the dominant role. This relationship was totally different from her previous one. What started out as a satisfactory and mutual relationship this was not one of an equal partnership. Natacha cheated on Rudolph with a cameraman from her movie set on What Price Beauty that she was producing. In 1926, this relationship ended sadly in a divorce.

In 1928, Natacha Rambova met her next relationship; his name was Svetoslav Roerich in New York City. From research, they both lived in the same building, had close friends, some of whom also lived in the building. They share strong interests in esoteric teachings and even planned a school of esoteric teaching that was intended to teach all the important esoteric teachings of the world. They had a joint project with the organization of the Museum of religion and philosophy. Svetoslav Roerich was the President of this Museum and Natacha Rambova was Secretary-Treasurer. In 1929, I believe they became engaged to be married. In 1931, there was an upset to the engagement. Svetoslav was summed back to India by his father who did not want this marriage to take place. Natacha had threatened to sue Svetoslav for breach of promise. Svetoslav eventually married someone else.


In 1934, Natacha Rambova met her second husband his name was Alvaro de Urzaiz in Egypt. Alvaro was a British educated descendent of a noble Basque family from Spain. They were secretly married in a civil ceremony in Paris but in deference to the wishes of his family they were married in a Catholic ceremony at the Cathedral of San Francisco, Palma Majorca. This relationship had similarities to her previous ones. However, Natacha and her husband moved to Majorca where she had property. They lived here during the Spanish Civil War both Natacha and her second husband began a business of buying up old villas and modernizing them for tourists. This was financed from an inheritance she received from her step-father. Although there is not a lot of information about this relationship I did find out that Alvardo was on the pro-fascist side while Natacha was on the opposite side. Natacha fled to Nice, France where she suffered a heart attack at the age of 40 years. In 1939, she divorced her second husband.

In summary, Natacha Rambova was a modern woman who lived in a male chauvinistic world. Natacha lived her life on her own terms oftentimes selfish and self absorbing without regrets. However those choices that she made had some devastating effects on some people that she had relationships with.

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