2 Aug 18 – Q/A with YouTube Vlogger “Jordan the Lion”

Readers, this blog is about Rudolph Valentino.  Through these blog posts and my research, I hope this has been a journey of new and fascinating discoveries for you.  After years of blogging, I am still amazed new information is continuously discovered by a community of people who are fans of the silent film industry.  Fellow Valentino fans who avidly share their finds on social media and have interesting conversations about their discoveries. Also, it has been my privilege to meet noted authors, vloggers and fellow Valentino fans kind enough to take time out to information share. One such person, is a YouTube Video Logger whose moniker is Daze With Jordan The Lion.  This enterprising vlogger has produced some amazing vlogs on a variety of different subjects and foreign travel.  This gentleman’s vlogs have been viewed with appreciation by many of Valentino fans on social media. Since the month of August is dedicated to the memory of Rudolph Valentino who died on 23 Aug 1926. I reached out to Mr. Jordan Lee who was gracious to grant me this short interview for which I humbly thank him for taking time.

1) Rudolph Valentino’s memory is still highly regarded, and many fans have been excited when viewing your v-logs.  The detail and depth of new information has been appreciated. What are your thoughts about knowing your vlogs are viewed by a different fan base?

I am extremely happy to know that people still care about Valentino’s career and lore, so knowing that people are finding my vlogs and maybe just going and watching his movies out of their own curiosity really makes me happy, so I love it.

2) One of your Vlogs #151 Inside Rudolph Valentino’s First L.A Apartment was at the Hotel Alexandria. First. I want to say well researched and cool to watch.  This is a favorite vlog amongst fellow Valentino fans. What was your first impression when you were able to see the room where Norm Kerry and Rudolph Valentino stayed?

My first impression was how I felt like it hadn’t changed at all. and you can almost feel like you can see them living in there. I don’t know, it’s pretty surreal. There are many places they keep rooms in that kind of condition and untouched for as long as that place has so it really had a Valentino feel or what I would feel like Valentino would stay. I also have to say how surprised I was that the Hotel was so willing to show it to me. They literally just handed me the keys at one point…

3) Have you watched any of Rudolph Valentino’s silent films? If so, do you have a favorite?

Yes, I always liked the Sheik, and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but since I like to spend time in the Fern dell part of Griffith Park, Los Angeles with my dog, ‘The Young Rajah’ has a special place for me, as they say some of those classic scenes were filmed on that path.

4) Will there be any future vlogging projects about Rudolph Valentino?

Yes, I have a couple more, and I’m hoping to include meeting with City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell in hopes in getting a plaque acknowledging where “Villa Valentino” was, since it was truly his home, I believe…. Mitch has been instrumental in getting various other plaques around the city acknowledging the Silent Movie contributions, as it is now Villa Valentino’s foundation STILL remains off to the side of the 101 Freeway behind a brick wall. Why not put a plaque on that wall acknowledging his house was demolished for the 101 to be constructed?

Well there you are I hope you enjoyed this interview folks. Please take the time and go to YouTube and watch other cool Daze with Jordan The Lion vlogs.  I am hoping to feature future interviews in this blog of other noted Valentino authors.

UPDATE – There is a part 2 of this interview done in Dec 2020, exclusive for Patreon supporters.

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