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20 Aug 18 -Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service

Every year, the month of August marks a sad occasion for the Valentino Community the death of a silent film actor that we all know, respect and love – Rudolph Valentino.

Generations of fans alike from all corners of the globe will come together physically and virtually to mark the passing of a true talent and legend. The memorial service comes to serve us all as a reminder to pause and remember that he has never been forgotten. The purpose of this blog has always been to give the viewer a glimpse into a yester-year. A bygone era of photos, newspaper headlines, articles that give us something new and different to savor and perhaps bring us all a little closer as a community should. But its important to know there are dedicated and humble people who work behind the scenes each year to ensure the Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service is done in a fitting and respectful manner in tribute to one we all come together and celebrate and mourn the passing of a wonderful silent star whose light will never dim. To Tracy Terhune, Ms. Stella Grace and others, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. On 23 Aug 18, 1315 PST, Los Angeles California, Hollywood Forever Cemetery 91st Memorial Service physically and virtually the Valentino Community will once again come together I will see you there.

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23 Aug 2018 – 91st Annual Valentino Memorial Service


As a reminder – on 23 August 2018, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA will be the site of the annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service.  This is THE oldest continuing memorial service to a wonder silent film actor that this blog is dedicated to – Rudolph Valentino.  At that time, I will be watching via Facebook live.

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23 Aug 17 – 90th Anniversary of Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service

 I attended the 90th Anniversary of the Memorial Service for Rudolph Valentino, Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  This year as in the previous years, I always look forward to coming to LA its like coming home seeing Tracy, Stella G, Pam C, Karie Bible who looked amazing. This year, Tracy made a couple of changes bringing a more modern approach.  The memorial service was broadcasted via Facebook live offering members of the “We Never Forget Rudolph Valentino” Facebook group a chance to be apart of the virtual audience.  The line-up for the memorial service was STELLAR. As always my favorite is the singing…Ms Terry Moore’s god daughter was amazing singing “Ave Maria” as well as Ms. Terry Moore herself, the ever gracious Ms. Sylvia Valentino-Huber, Ms Joan Craig, and others.  When the service ends it always brings a sadness because it seems to go by so quickly. Well there will be next year, I wanted to add I finally got to meet Mr. Donald Gardner who is a noted videographer and Allen Ellenberger a noted author who I am a true fan of his books.  A special thank you again to Tracy and Stella…See you all next year.

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23 Aug 16, 89th Annual Valentino Memorial Service Review, Hollywood Forever


The date was 23 Aug 16, the time 1210 hours, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, was the location for the annual memorial service that was attended by quite a few fans of Rudolph Valentino, including Rudy’s great niece Ms. Sylvia Valentino-Huber and my special correspondent for this event Mr. Bryce Rubie.  Once again, a special thank you to Mr. Tracy Terhune’s genius in putting together another memorable tribute.


This year was the 90th anniversary of the passing of Silent Film Star Rudolph Valentino. The featured displays depicted headlines in bold print of Rudy’s passing. So much time, has passed since our favorite actor has died. However, time continues on, with another memorial service with the message “he has not been forgotten”. The montage and the clips from the funeral of Rudolph Valentino were very moving.  The featured singer, Mr. Nick Palance whose Songs of Inspiration was very inspiring.  Mr. Rudy Freeman was a featured speaker who spoke about  his break-out in acting. I was unfortunate to miss out this year and I appreciate Mr. Bryce Rubie attending on my behalf.






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23 Aug 26 – 89th Annual Valentino Memorial Service


My bags were packed and ready to attend tomorrow’s 89th Annual Memorial Service. However, faced with a health issue it was in my best interest not to fly but stay and recover left me feeling sad. I planned all year to come back to Los Angeles and attend this year’s memorial service, take time and visit Rudolph’s grave, and friends. So I have a “special correspondent” who will attend the Memorial Service and give me his report. If you are in the L.A. area PLEASE take the time and attend tomorrow’s 89th Annual Valentino Memorial Service.

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23 Aug 2016 89th Annual Valentino Memorial Service, Los Angeles

Every year on 23 Aug at 12:00 p.m. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA is the annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service. I have been privileged to attend that last two events and I will be back in Los Angeles next month reporting for the 89th Annual Valentino Memorial Service. Mr. Tracy Terhune does a spectacular job in putting together a memorial service that is tasteful and reverent to the memory of a Silent Film actor that is beloved by thousands today.

This event is free and I hope to see everyone there.

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23 Aug 2015- 88th Annual Valentino Memorial Service Review

23 Aug 15, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, was the location for the annual memorial service that I attended for a second year. What a difference from last year to this year, I felt it was a meeting of old friends and with Mr. Tracy Terhune’s genius in putting together another memorable tribute. 

This years tribute was the 90th anniversary of Rudolph Valentinos movie “The Eagle”.  The montage and the clips from the movie were very moving.  The featured singers the talented “The Wegter Family” were once again a true delight to listen to. Mr. Ellenberger spoke of Historical Valentino Sites was very interesting.  However, hearing Mr. Zachary Kadin talk about the story behind the Valentino Eagle Coin was new and insightful.

I wanted to take a moment to give a personal thank you to Mr. Tracy Terhune for his continued kindness, Mr Christopher Riordan for being gracious to a fan of his, to Ms. Sylvia Valentino-Huber for taking time for a photo with me and especially to everyone else I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. I will see you all again next year at the 89th.


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2015 – Annual Valentino Memorial Service, Hollywood Forever Cemetery


This year, marks the 90th Anniversary of Rudolph Valentinos silent movie “The Eagle”. There will be a special tribute during this year’s memorial service.

Tracy Terhune is the host for this annual memorial service and as he does every year will have a wonderful service that pays true homage to Valentino’s life. The Valentino Memorial Service started in 1927 and continues to this day. A moving tribute to one of the Silent Screens greatest actors. The annual service will be Sunday, 23 August 2015, 12:10 p.m. at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA. Admission is free for this event.

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Aug 2014 – Valentino’s Hollywood


So I always wanted to spend time in Los Angeles or Valentino’s Hollywood. In times past, I drove through, I stopped off to see relatives, but I never got to see those tourist places that I always wanted to see.  So, I took the trip of a lifetime and simply went.  I wanted to be a traditional tourist, I wanted to attend the Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service, I wanted to meet several people who I had been corresponding with via Facebook, I wanted to walk where he did, I wanted to see where he lived, and I needed to spend some time researching for a book I intend to write one day. So in five days, I was able to accomplish that and more.  I drove, I walked, I got lost, I picked up souvenirs, and I wrote post cards home. One of the things I did was visit Hollywood Forever Cemetery and had a private tour with Kari Bible who is passionate about what she does and shares her wealth of knowledge about Hollywood and the stars buried there.  I took a tour of Hollywood courtesy of TMZ and I was not impressed. I walked on Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd, Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory, I ate at Musso & Franks Restaurant, I toured the Hollywood Heritage Museum and the people there are truly nice and take time to tell you about what is in the Museum.

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Then I went to the Valentino Memorial Service and I got to see Rudolph Valentino’s grave, I spent a little time there, I met some wonderful people at the service, and my final day I spent Valentino sightseeing. My gracious tour guide took me to see where Valentino Productions was located we even went inside the opened door and walked quietly upstairs taking in all of the original features still there. I was shown where Rudy asked Jean Acker to marry him and also seen the church which was the site of the first Valentino Memorial Service.  Then there was Natacha and Rudy’s spot on Sunset Blvd, Pola Negri’s house and George Ullman’s house in Beverly Hills, we even drove through Whitley Heights and I even seen the foundation of Rudy’s former home. The best part was going to see Falcon Lair. How can I describe the place where he called home just to pull up and see that black gate, those white columns and the name Falcon Lair was indescribable in how I felt. I got out and of course took photos and videos and was pointed out what was original and what was torn down. To see that wonderful man’s home torn down like that was simply sad. That is Hollywood history that is gone forever except what is on a photograph or a post card is incomprehensible. My tour guide talked to me and I gained more insight into this person who I never personally knew but in my heart I did. Although it’s only been a few days since I left I look over the videos and the photographs I took and am simply grateful that I went. Because now, I will go back year after year and know there are more memories to create, acquaintances to renew, and more knowledge to gain. I want to acknowledge two people who made me feel right at home. My tour guide Tracy Terhune and the gracious Stella Grace. 


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2014 – Interview with Mr. Tracy Terhune


The blog is all about Rudolph Valentino his life, his family, those who were affected by him and those countless of people who loved him for his craft. Through research and reading there is still a lot of information out there that is still unknown. In this blog, I hope you the reader enjoy through discovery the new and interesting things about Rudolph Valentino.

As a noted book collector on Rudolph Valentino one of my favorite authors is Mr. Tracy Terhune, Producer, Collector, Valentino Memorial Committee Member, and Author I recently reached out to him and he kindly granted me a short interview for which I humbly thank him.

You are a noted Valentino collector, author and authority. What is your favorite item out of your collection and why?Since day one of collecting on Rudolph Valentino I have enjoyed collecting personal items that had a direct connection to him. He had such lavish exquisite taste in his cars and homes and furnishings within the home. I have several favorites but I will say that the ring he wore in The Eagle is my favorite. It was actually worn by him in three films (Sainted Devil, Cobra & The Eagle) However in The Eagle the ring played a minor part of the plot of the story. It was owned by Margaret Strong of the Strong Museum in New York. In the early 1980’s the Franklin Mint created a limited edition semi replica made out of black onyx and silver. Last year the Strong Museum which specializes in dolls decided to put it up for auction to fund their acquisition account. I am glad to say that I won the auction for it in Beverly Hills.

Rudolph Valentino had many films. Could you please tell us what is your favorite Rudolph Valentino film and why?
My favorite is Son of the Sheik. It’s his best in my opinion. But I also enjoy The Eagle, Beyond The Rocks, Camille and Moran of the Lady Letty. The Four Horseman is also another favorite.

Tracy you are very active in the planning process with the yearly Valentino Memorial. Every year it is a monumental success and a true tribute to Rudolph Valentino. What inspires you to continue? What will be in store for this year’s Valentino Memorial Service?
I am very proud of my involvement with the Valentino Memorial. It’s the oldest continuing annual event in Hollywood History. It has taken place every year since 1927, the first anniversary of his passing. This year will mark its 87th occurrence. The thing that inspires me to continue is to keep this charming yet quirky at times service going in a dignified and respectful manor. Yet, at the same time we want it to be fun and enjoyable. We always strive for the right mix. I have never had anyone who actually attended one of the Valentino Memorials ever complain that we did something in poor taste or disrespectful to Rudy. I am pleased that in recent years two members of the Valentino family accepted the offer to be our guest speaker. They openly expressed gratitude and their praise for the Valentino Memorial Service. That meant a lot to me on a personal level.

Tracey why are you such a fan of Rudolph Valentino?The reason I am a fan is that he deserves to be remembered. The fact he had great sadness over him and was so mis-used throughout his life. By studio chiefs, by his wives, business managers. The fact that he became a star in 1921 and by 1926 he was gone. Truly like a comet blazing across the cinema screen. All at 31. That’s why I like the slogan first used at the 1928 Valentino Memorial – “We Never Forget”

Tracey will you be writing any future books on Rudolph Valentino? Or any other projects you would like to share?
I have a couple of projects in the works, but mainly my goal this year is to get my website back up and running again. Its’ been down for a couple years and I’d like to get that done. I have also talked very briefly with Kevin Brownlow’s company about releasing The Eagle on Blu ray. The original camera negative survives and the print from it is razor sharp. It’s almost a crime that it sits unreleased due to the funding it would cost for a high resolution scan and the Carl Davis score.

I hope you enjoyed this interview folks. I am hoping to feature future interviews in this blog of other noted Valentino authors.

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