23 Aug 2015- 88th Annual Valentino Memorial Service Review

23 Aug 15, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, was the location for the annual memorial service that I attended for a second year. What a difference from last year to this year, I felt it was a meeting of old friends and with Mr. Tracy Terhune’s genius in putting together another memorable tribute. 

This years tribute was the 90th anniversary of Rudolph Valentinos movie “The Eagle”.  The montage and the clips from the movie were very moving.  The featured singers the talented “The Wegter Family” were once again a true delight to listen to. Mr. Ellenberger spoke of Historical Valentino Sites was very interesting.  However, hearing Mr. Zachary Kadin talk about the story behind the Valentino Eagle Coin was new and insightful.

I wanted to take a moment to give a personal thank you to Mr. Tracy Terhune for his continued kindness, Mr Christopher Riordan for being gracious to a fan of his, to Ms. Sylvia Valentino-Huber for taking time for a photo with me and especially to everyone else I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. I will see you all again next year at the 89th.


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