17 Aug 1979 – Alberto Valentino Asks?

Question, I recently talked with Alberto Valentino, brother to Rudolph Valentino lives in Los Angeles and sounds hale and hearty at 82 years of age. In view of the 50th Anniversary of Rudolph Valentino’s death in 1976 we talked of Rudolph Valentino Fan Clubs, Alberto asked if any fan clubs are active in the U.S. or other countries. –M.G.I. Philadelphia, PA

Answer, there are millions of Valentino fans throughout the world almost as many as during the Roaring Twenties when he was, at the same time, the super movie star and the world’s greatest lover. In addition, the number of people who collect Valentino films, books, and momentos  is in the hundreds of thousands.  But, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences library, there are only two recognized fan clubs, one is in Los Angeles and one in London, neither of which is active. In “The Sheik” (1921) he is credited with ‘revolutionizing’ the art of making love. A still photograph from “The Sheik” shows him looking at a girl as though he were about to steal the maraschino from her fudge sundae. You became a fan as a small boy in 1926 when Valentino died at age 30.

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