3 Aug 1924 – Rumors

All the worlds in Europe this summer. From Paris or London, Rome or Germany with its alluring shops are getting a good dose of filmland. June Mathis, Carmel Myers, and George Walsh are at the Claridge and when they gaily telephoned me the other day.  Telephone service like people is the same everywhere only I do think after this trip I shall feel inclined to apologize to the Los Angeles phones.  I used to think it was the worst in the world, but I have met London and Paris since then.  The only redeeming feature is in Paris it is only one arm that goes to sleep while you are waiting for the operator to wake up. The mouthpiece and receiver are like a one-piece bathing suit all together.  So, lunch at the Ritz Hotel with June Mathis after which we watched mannikins parade in several shops just to get a slant at the new styles.  When June passed up the filmy frocks which are no doubt putting the eyes out in Deauville now, and insisted that she is being a hard-working woman must have more practical attire, the inquisitive French girl, observant too interrupted with, “Ah Madame cannot be a regular working woman. She has such lovely jewels”. She no doubt had her eye on the lovely necklace watch June gave herself in Hollywood last Christmas.  I wanted to know whether the report from Hollywood that June Mathis married here to George Walsh was true.  Miss Mathis declared she was neither married nor engaged to George Walsh and that is that. So, let the rumor mill find something else to gossip about.  From my observation since June is in Paris, I would say George Walsh and other Americans who maybe interested in the talented lady there is a keen rival for her affections, and he is Italian and happens to be in the movie industry.  June met her new man in Rome, and he appears quite attentive.  Do I hear wedding bells in their future? Time will only tell.

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