Dec 1924 – June Mathis & Silvano Balboni Marriage


December bride June Mathis, screen writer and Silvano Balboni cinematographer were married at the Mission of St. Cecilia, Riverside, California.

1570698511_5d9ef50f20315-thumb.jpgTheir whirlwind romance is an outstanding example of how two professionals seemed destined to meet and have their own happily ever after.  It started out as mutual admiration between the couple.  Silvano amazed at the personality of Miss Mathis and June was attracted to his dynamic looks.  Now they are looking forward to collaborating on future movie projects.

This happily married couple were married until June’s early demise in 1927.  Their last movie collaboration was “The Masked Woman”.  For this project, June Mathis wrote and directed, and her husband had to come in and finish what his wife started.

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