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Natacha Rambova Influence on Paul Poiret Dress Designs

Paul Poiret had many famous women he felt inspired by when designing his beautiful dresses.  None more fashionable than Natacha Rambova.  Here are several designs who have a Rambova like influence.

It was my inspiration of artists, in my dressing of theatrical pieces, that I served the public of my day”..Paul Poiret Dress Designer

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16 Aug 1926 – Natacha and Poiret a Fashionable Find

New fashion trends on the rise thanks to a certain charming Natacha Rambova and fashion designer Paul Poiret.  Deauville is envious because the novel cosmetic turns fair night bathers into mermaids.  Now there are two sides as to who discovered this latest delight Le Touquet or Juan Les Pines.  Miss Rambova and her mother Mrs. Hudnut are at their chateau for the summer.  The formula was obtained by Paul Poiret from an Indian Fakir, presented a small quantity of the enchanting ointment to a few of his clients spending the summer at various resorts thus started the ball rolling.  According to Poiret, Natacha Rambova is the ideal woman to dress, is reported to have gone even further, and by using a more diluted mixture, succeeded in applying it to her hair with a startling effect.  While Cannes and Monte Carlo are having this year their first really fashionable summer season, they have already become serious opposition to the northern resorts.  The Riviera, in fact, is the only place outside of Italy where night bathing is possible, and where, therefore, the phosphorescent makeup has taken at once an immense vogue.  Deauville tried it in the Pompeiian baths, but even the tepid water in the tank felt old.  Le Touquet, where the more sporting element predominates, is still attempting it, but none of these places can compare with the inviting warmth of the lazy Mediterranean.  Paul Poiret will launch the new luminous fingernails and hair trend at Palm Beach.

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