30 Aug 1926- Bowed by Brief Farewell of Lonely Actress

“I am only a little butterfly made for sunshine. I cannot stand loneliness and shabbiness with nobody to care for me and with no babies to love.” “Please look after Rudolph’s pictures. He helped me over lots of stiles unknowingly.” This was the farewell message of Miss Peggy Scott, the fascinating young actress, in ‘bequeathing photographs of Rudolph Valentino to Miss Rosa Alborough, her friend, who gave her a night’s lodgings before she committed suicide. In giving evidence at the inquest, Miss Alborough said that Miss Scott came to her flat. She was penniless, and said that she was unable to get work or a room. She stayed the night, and visited a moving picture show in the afternoon, “When she returned in the evening she was crying. She collapsed, saying that she had swallowed “something.” Miss Scott died a few minutes after the arrival of the doctor, she left a letter, in a bag addressed to “witness. “My life is awful,” wrote Miss Scott. “I am afraid of it. I am simply existing. It is heartbreaking living in the past when the present is hopeless. I broke my heart. Rudolph helped me to carry on, and told me of his own sufferings. A MATTER OF TIME. “With his death the last bit of courage has flown. I have been stretched for years like a piece of elastic. Perhaps it was only a matter of time, anyway, before the elastic snapped.” Miss Scott apologised to her friend would not allow her death to interfere with her holiday. She mentioned a man friend who forgiving her trouble, and hoped she used to make her an allowance, and gave him a blessing. She hoped he would pay the funeral expenses. “I am sur£ he will help. It is for the last time,” concluded in her letter, ‘Miss Alborough told the Coroner that she was paying the funeral expenses. The inquest was adjourned till October
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