9 Jul 1929 – Jean Valentino Here

Jean Guglielmo Valentino a nephew of the late Rudolph Valentino arrived yesterday on the Consulich liner Vulcania on his way to Hollywood to visit the scenes of the famous screen actors success. He is now 14 years old and has no stage or screen ambitions, he said. The boy speaks good English and went through an hours ordeal with the customs inspectors like a master. His travelling companion on the Vulcania was Tito Schipa, the tenor, who waited on the pier while an inspector went through Jeans many pieces of luggage. On his declaration which he made out before the ship docked, he listed several trinkets and expensive boxes of bon-bons which he is taking to relatives. Young Valentino said he was interested in chemistry and electrical engineering. He plans returning to Italy to continue his studies in the fall.

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