Over Forties say star of silent film star Valentino still “sends them”

Thousands of Eastern States women of all ages took time off this week to see a short film of the screen’s greatest Latin lover Rudolph Valentino. White –haired Mrs. Fleur, 71 of Panania, was one of those who went to see “The Story of Rudolph Valentino” a 12 minute feature. “I saw him in the old days and I would like to see more of him” she said. “He was a real sheik. He got me in. Clark Gable maybe all right, but he’d never match Valentino.” One sighing woman, aged about 40, said: “When I saw him years ago I said, ‘What a man’ I still say. Matronly women who went to see the film seemed to still revere the (to them) passionate, overpowering Valentino. But many would not have known him in the ‘flapper* era denied having seen him before. And, now, the views of the present-day girl: Usherette Beverleigh Ralion 17, who has seen the film several times, said “I think he is nice. But we did not see enough of him really.” Eighteen year old Pay Cleary, who has seen Valentino films before, said: “I think Rudolph is lovely. I want to see him again. Her young escort, who took a day off from work specially: to see Valentino, said: “I think Valentino is very good. He was beautifully built.”

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