Feb 1925 Dieting with Nita Naldi

Some people are too lazy to use their common sense and count their calories. Here is a diet and its easy, too once you get trained to it. Eat plenty of fresh green vegetables and plenty of salads. A question was asked about dressing for salads and vegetables. Nita replied if you cook vegetables properly, you don’t need cream or butter to make them taste right. Nor do you need rich Hollandaise and Mayonnaise. You can make a good salad dressing without olive oil. Fix it up with mustard, paprika and Worcestershire sauce. Vance Thompson gives soft mutton jelly as a substitute for olive oil. Olive Oil just one tablespoon contains 1000 calories. Of course you can’t get away from calories entirely. A glass of orange juice contains about 100 calories. Women who are reducing ought to stay under a1000 calories a day and women who are trying to fatten up can go up to 1000 calories and more. Vegetables are the safest for reducing. You can eat nearly all of them and, besides its good for you. You can eat asparagus, cabbage, tomatoes, celery, spinach, string beans, beets, peas and artichoke. I suppose, just to be contrary, after that nice list most women will insist on having corn on the cob. But corn is taboo. White bread is bad, and potatoes are dreadful. And sugar in any form is just a pound a spoonful. I drink ice tea without any sweetening but plenty of lemon. I really like it better without sugar or saccharine. As a matter of fact, successful dieting means good cooking. And good cooking does not mean rich cream foods nor greasy fried foods. It means plenty of variety and good taste. It doesn’t mean every mean should be a Thanksgiving dinner or that you ought to sit down and eat as though you were never going to see food again. A light luncheon is not only good for keeping thin it’s good for your general health, unless your underweight. And eating between meals is a bad habit for anybody. Too much exercise is worse than none at all, if your trying to reduce. A little is all right, just to keep in trim, but don’t overdo. Women who exercise to get thin only harden the muscles and when the fat creeps on again, there lost. They never get it off.

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