1925 – Rudy wins prize for Charleston in Montmartre

Rudolph Valentino and Lara Gould former wife of George Gould won first prize in a Charleston Dance Contest at Mitchells Club, a cabaret in Montmartre, at daybreak this morning. The film star, who has just returned from Berlin without Mae Murray had the lissome young Mrs Gould to tea, dinner, the theater, supper and then dancing during the early hours arriving at Mitchell’s just as the Charleston started. Rudolph who has acquired the amazing habit of drinking champagne mixed with beer got a burst of applause when he entered. The spectators including the smart set of Paris and many visitors applauded for Rudolph and the movie star hastily swallowed a goblet of his mixture and did a weird combination of the tango and Charleston which brought down the house. To the cries of “encore” he grabbed Laura Gould and the couple spun away in the intricate Brazilian maxixe. “Are you engaged to Mae Murray” a reporter asked who replied “so’s your old man”. Rudolph and Mae Murray will make the Rivera the scene of their next meeting, according to reports. It is said they will go to Nice the Hotel Negresco that he is coming, and they will jointly host a New Years party. It is expected that Rex Ingram and Alice Terry will be among the members of the party

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