6 Sep 1916 – White Slave Trail leads to Near Society Folk

The slimy trail of New York’s white slave investigation with its wrecks of young girls and its stories of men who lived “off” the earnings of women held in virtual bondage was pointing nearer today to probable entanglement of at least one police officer in alleged bribery and extortion through which the system has been kept alive, according to evidence in the hands of District Attorney Swann. Spreading its fangs from the streets, the white slave ring reached into the circles of social climbers, of “near society” folk the latest revelations indicate. There through blackmail the plotters endeavored to collect tribute after women furnished by the ring, participated in orgies of the “new rich”. As District Attorney Swann pressed his revelations, which are declared to have followed the arrest of Rudolfo Guglielmi, self-styled “Marquis” new developments that may lead to further arrests and possible charges against the police were expected at the prosecutor’s office. Guglielmi was formerly the dancing partner of Joan Sawyer, a Broadway favorite. He was arrested in the apartment of Mrs. Georgia Thym. Before leaving the apartment of he said he wanted to call police headquarters and talk to Deputy commissioner Lord. The commissioner he said, was a friend of his. Later, he repeated this in his statement to the district attorney. Swann declared Guglielmi and Mrs. Thym showed by the story they were familiar with men and women who have practiced blackmail in near society circles. Photographs taken of prospective victims of blackmail are understood to have played an important part in the schemes of conspirators. Much valuable information is expected to come from the dancer and Mrs. Thym.

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