27 Dec 1940 – Agnes Ayres Buried; Valentino Co-Star

In contrast to the throngs her name once drew when she co-starred with Silent Film Star Rudolph Valentino. Agnes Ayres a star in her own right was mourned by a small crowd at her funeral service late yesterday.  At her funeral there were only ten floral pieces, and of these only one was from the movie colony. A spray from the Screen Actor’s Guild.   The “Kashmiri” song from Valentino’s picture, “The Sheik” in which she played the heroine and “Son of the Sheik” was played during her service.  Miss Ayres ashes were laid to rest near those of the great Latin star at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  Maria Reachi daughter of Miss Ayres, was the only relative present and only three were connected with the business in which her name had become a household word.  Once a wealthy woman, Miss Ayres lost her fortune in the stock market crash of 1929 and died in obscurity on Christmas Day.

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