1930 – Has Barbara LaMarr Matrimonial Aphasia?

Former husbands should have the grace to keep silent in regard to their erstwhile wives, but when one’s erstwhile spouse is a famous movie star, the temptation to spill the matrimonial beans must be to hard to resist.  Phil Ainsworth, one-time husband of Barbara LaMarr this year’s sensation in movie circles, so far forgot his chivalry as to my, when arrested on a bad check charge, and queried as to his former wife’s whereabouts. “I don’t know where she is. That woman has matrimonial aphasia”. Probably Phil hadn’t consulted the dictionary on just what matrimonial aphasia is. Now what did Phil mean? Certainly, he did not mean that as a married young woman Barbara LaMarr was at a loss for words. Barbara would never impress anyone is over at any time for loss for words.  Talking is one of the best things she does.  Could he have meant that Barbara suffered from matrimonial aphasia? In view of the dictionary’s definition it is quite likely that Phil simply confused these scientific terms.  For Barbara herself admits that once she is through with a person, he or she means no more to Barbara less than a candle flame that he’s been born out. He simply ceases to exist to her.  To illustrate her point, she pointed to a pair of giant candle sticks on her fireplace mantle. It is a new home, just moved into, and utterly man less, except for the small new son who Barbara says she coos at him in orthodox mother fashion, is her only sweetheart.  Barbara is neither single but is currently separated from her present husband Ben Deeley.  Barbara refuses to comment on her married life or rather married lives because as she says “I am through with marriage” I do not want a divorce from Mr. Deeley. I do not want to be in a position ever to marry again. I want to forget that there is such a thing as marriage. And since my former husbands have absolutely nothing to do with my present life, and I have forgotten those unpleasant experiences, I really couldn’t think of anything to say about them. Barbara s powers of forgetfulness are indeed admirable and who can blame her for wanting to keep her matrimonial career a thing apart from her movie fame. But Barbara’s life is so in keeping with her personality that it is impossible to resist the impulse to tell what we know about her life. The public is not all in possession of the facts will certainly feel charitable towards this woman who is little more than a girl in years, who has been wedded four times. Barbara is one of those women who will always be getting married and unmarried by no chance will men ever leave her alone.

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