9 Mar 1926 – Barbara LaMarr Gave Fortune to Charity

Barbara La Marr, one of the highest paid screen stars in moviedom until her recent fatal illness, left an estate appraised at less than $10,000, according to her father William M. Watson.  Although she was making more than $10,000 monthly when she was stricken on the set during the filming of her last picture, Miss La Marr died comparatively penniless, having given her thousands to charity.  ‘Barbara derived her greatest pleasure in lavishing her wealth on others and watching the fruits of her charity’ the aged father appointed executor of the estate, declared in an interview.  ‘She gave away more money than she ever spent on herself.  She spent thousands of dollars every month towards orphanages, hospitals and film struck girls in need of financial assistance.  Hundred benefited regularly by her benevolence. ‘Since her death, we have had visits from more than a score of prominent actresses who came to tell us how Barbara gave them money.’  The movie industry gave more than $1,000,000 to Barbara La Marr.  ‘She received $10,000 for her first six scenarios, which she dictated to me while I typed,’ said Watson.

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