Jan 1926 – Children and Valentino Divorce Debate

In the life events leading up to Valentino’s divorce, I found a newspaper contest which people provide an opinion on whether a wife has the right to deny her husband children. Valentino longed for the love of family that was not meant to be. In the 1920’s, there was published opinions by some with 21st Century attitudes about being able to afford a family and the defined roles of a nuclear family.  Valentino and Rambova had their reasons for marriage and went into this with their own version of what this would look like. I see Rambova using her husband and his fame to further her own intentions. While Valentino used his wife as a means of furthering his own career. She had the inside connections and was knowledgeable on what it took to be a star. For someone who wanted so badly to succeed he did what it took to survive. Did they truly loved each other? I think they loved each other when they lived together in a bungalow on Sunset Blvd where happiness existed in the simple things in life and away from the bright lights of Hollywood.  Then the lights were brighter and beckoned and life for both was never the same.

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